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~ Spring Equinox/Libra Full Moon ~

~ 20th/21st of March ~

And so, the Great Wheel turns once more, as Sol crosses the world axis and enters the Temple of Aries, initiating the start of a brand new cycle.

Since before the beginning of time, our ancestors have gathered to witness and celebrate this moment of celestial rebirth, when, for an instant in time the hours of dark at light are in perfect balance. From this day on in the Northern Hemisphere, the hours of sunlight will grow longer and brighter until we reach the Summer Solstice.

The Earth is bursting back into life all around us, vibrant yellow daffodils spring up beneath our feet, as tender pink blossoms start to appear on the trees. Persephone emerges from the underworld, our life force and vitality begins to reawaken, and we feel the fire of new life sparking within……..

“You must burn. Burn higher. Burn for everything you ever wanted. For everything you have ever lost, every crack in your heart and every fraction of every irreplaceable moment. Burn high for love. For fear. For life. Burn as fast and as long as you can. You must burn. Burn higher, because nothing in this world will kill you faster than a dying fire.” ~ Mia Hollow

The Aries Goddess is the Initiator, the Fire-starter of the Zodiac. It is She who calls us to bravely charge into new territory, to reclaim our innate ability to create change in our lives. It is Aries that calls to awaken our passion and become consumed by it, reminding us that a life without risk is a life half lived. Under the influence of Aries, we live every moment as if was our last. We come into the now. The past is over, obsolete. The future is ours to rewrite as we choose.

Wild and untameable, fearless and bold, Aries rushes ahead, dancing in the flames of transformation, knowing that in every ending there is the seed of a new beginning.

As Sol enters Aries, She will collide with Chiron the Shaman, who is still sitting in the very early degrees of the sign of the Ram. Chiron in Aries is calling us to empower ourselves to become our own best healer, to claim our power to embody our unique, individual selves. To be brave enough to vulnerably show the world who we truly are and share the medicine we hold.

Chiron in Aries asks us to know who we are. After all, without a strong sense of self-identity and self-worth, how can we draw boundaries, understand our personal and needs desires, or know what is acceptable to us? How can we make choices that are aligned with our soul’s highest pathway if we have no idea what ignites the creative fires of our heart?

With a Super Full Moon rising at zero degrees Libra (the first of two Libran Lunations this year!) just 3 hours and 40 minutes after Sol crosses the Equinox point, we are entering a period of profound relationship shifts. This Lunation sits in conjunction with the ‘Super Galactic Centre’ a massive black hole that resides at 2 degrees Libra.

Researcher Phillip Sedgewick writes of this celestial anomaly ~

“This early Libran cosmic vacuum cleaner remains insatiably hungry. The axis of acceptance and approval, classic to the sign of Libra, takes on infinitesimal proportions. “

The Aries/Libra axis asks us to balance our needs, with the needs of the other. To find the mid-point between independence and co-dependence. This Full Moon, the first of two in the sign of the scales this year, invites us to look at where we are sacrificing ourselves in order to maintain peace and harmony in our partnerships. It is time to look at the underlying issues that may be driving our people pleasing behaviours.

Perhaps we are scared of being alone? Maybe we are buying into the cultural myth that we are somehow defective if are not in a relationship? Are we are devoured by the need to find the one that will complete us? Are we afraid if we assert ourselves and claim our right to protect our space and energy that our loved ones will reject or abandon us?

Or maybe we have fallen into the shadow of Aries, wearing our fierce independence as armour to protect ourselves from being hurt. Maybe we are ashamed of having needs, or longing for connection in the first place, scared to show any weakness that may leave us susceptible to pain. Are we impatient or uncompromising with others, our drive for total freedom and self-sufficiency alienating those around us? Are we engaging in complete relationship abstinence as way of punishing ourselves for past mistakes?

Chiron in Aries is inviting us to heal the wounded masculine within us all, to shed old defence mechanisms and embrace healthy ways of relating. In the New Paradigm, we are no longer taking on the role of victim or saviour but instead co-creating relationships from a space of mutual respect and equality with each person first integrating the inner Masculine and Feminine, entering the partnership from a space of wholeness.

The ruler of this Lunation, Venus in Aquarius, reminds us that relationships are ultimately a tool for soul evolution. They are the mirror through which we meet ourselves over and over again. They are designed to trigger the wounded places inside of us, so that we may see and heal them. Each lesson takes us closer to union with the beloved within. This is not say we should stay in abusive or toxic relationships to suffer under the guise of achieving enlightenment. Oftentimes the lesson is to love ourselves enough to walk away.

Mars ruled Aries is one of the most dynamically sexual signs. As we enter the season of spring, the time of fertility and virility we may find that the Chironic vibration also brings a radical opening and transforming of poison around our sexuality and pleasure, helping us to once again honour the alchemy of intimacy.

It is important to remember that Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces at this time, and Pluto is currently conjunct the South Node. Much of the clearing work we are doing is still happening on an inner level. Although the force of the Aries/Equinox energies may inspire us to begin breaking out of our cocoon, the cosmic tides are still pulling us within to purify some very deep karmic issues personally and collectively. Many old fears and ancestral/past life memories are still rising up from the unconscious, asking to be seen and released.

Things may still feel confusing, murky and unclear for the next few weeks as the Messenger Goddess slows down to station next to Neptune, the Mistress of Illusion on the 28th. She won’t leave Her retrograde shadow until April the 17th, when She finally exits the Piscesean ocean.

Ostara Blessings <3

Art By ~ Kamille Freske

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