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Hello, my name is Maria.

I am an intuitive astrologer and a Priestess of the Goddess, trained in the avalonian lineage. 

I am deeply devoted to bringing back the ancient feminine mysteries. My work is designed to weave together the astrological cycles of the cosmos and seasonal movements of the Earth, which are of course, intimately entwined and profoundly affect us on all levels.


We are made of the same materials and atoms as the stars, the sea and the land. We are not separate, but a living, breathing part of the cosmic ecology.

Many of us have deep-seated memories in our bones of living in harmony with the cycles of the Great Cosmic and Earth Mothers. We have an instinctive and intuitive knowing that living in alignment with Her movements allows us to create balance, flow and abundance in our own lives.

My intention is to help support those who connect with my teachings, readings and offerings to realign themselves with this inner knowing in ways that create transformation, healing and radical self-acceptance. 


“Astrology’s roots lie in an ancient world view that perceived that universe as a single living organism, animated by divine order and intelligence.” ~ Liz Greene 

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