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Arianrhod by Jane Brideson


Available online and in person in Glastonbury , Beginning again in March 2024! 

In this Two Spiral, Two Year training we will enter the Silver Spiral of the Cosmic Mother.

We will sit in Her celestial womb, suspended between worlds as we reclaim the lost fragments of our soul, heal the wounds of the past and embrace our fullest expression of self. We will walk the land as our astrologer/astronomer ancestors did, tracking the pathways of the constellations, connecting with the ancient Star Mother who is older than time itself. 

During this course you will learn how to read and actualize your own birth chart, and that of others. Through discussion, meditation and ceremony you will discover how to understand and embody the 12 divine feminine archetypes of the Astrological wheel and apply your understanding in practical ways. You will receive written files, techniques and resources that you will be able to refer to as needed.

Through the gift of Astrology we will come to know our true soul essence. We see the karmic web we have woven through this incarnation and many others. We will remember who we were, who we are and who we can be as we journey through the planetary spheres of initiation. 

To become a Priestess/Priest of the Stars is to stare into the starry black obsidian void unafraid of transformation. It is to be able to continually die to the old self and to be renewed, just as galaxies collide and birth new life. It is to be one who recognises that life is a constant dance of destruction and creation, endings and beginnings.

Please follow the link below to the Glastonbury Goddess Temple site for more information and applications! 

We are the Women of StarFire blood, dancing the spiral coils of Tiamat.

We are the ancient Star Seers, the Recorders and Readers of the Akash. Seekers of signs and omens of change.

In the Celtic lands we stood and witnessed the first Star Temples being created, watching as the great Standing Stones were aligned with the cycles of Sol and Luna upon the backs on the dragon lines.

In ancient Anatolia we carved the animals of the Zodiac upon the pillars of Gobekli Tepe as Cygnus the StarSwan flew above, carrying our souls across the threshold to the other world.

In Avalon, we peered through the mists to tell the stories of the people as the constellations rose and set above the Sacred Tor. We saw the crescent Moon reflected upon the waters of the oracle pools bringing visions of what was to come to pass.

In the Temples of Inanna we danced the orbit of Venus, descending to meet Ereskigal and arising reborn. We blessed the land with the rites of Fertility as the MorningStar shimmered on the dusky pink horizon.

In Petra we gazed up at the Milky Way spiralling above the dusty desert. We etched the all seeing eye of the Goddess upon the walls of Temples.

In Egypt, we watched as the Pyramids were built to align with the belt of Orion. We painted the Zodiac at Dendera, and drifting along the river of Stars with Nuit. We saw Sirius burning bright as the waters of the Nile flooded the land. We felt the power of Sekhmet as Sols rays illuminated the face of the Sphinx at the breaking of each new dawn.

In Greece, we told the tales of the Seven Sistars of the Pleiades as we sat on the seat of prophecy at Delphi. Our hearts broke as we watched Apollo slay the dragon and patriarchal distortions of our mysteries began to deepen.

In every lifetime time we have tracked the pathways of the planets across the inky blue of the night sky. We left echoes that would resonate throughout time, inviting our future selves to remember the turning of the Great wheel of the Ages...

Now we are re-emerging from the womb of Sophia, carrying the crystalline chalice of the Aquarian Age. We are the Star Priestesses reborn, cosmic light in physical form..

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