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New Moon Circles 

Each New Moon we Gather together for Astrological Discussion, Ritual and Soul Awakening Transmissions.....

Come, enter the Star Temple with us! 


Each New Moon we gather to connect in with the Lunar tides, as our Ancestors did. 


~Aries Eclipse and Mercuria Retrograde ~

~ Dancing with the Dragoness ~

The Aries/New Moon Solar Eclipse reaches its peak on the 8th of April at 6.20pm, UK time. This is one of the most powerful cosmic portals of the year, as Sol and Luna conjoin the head of the Dragon in the sign of Aries!

Aries is the sign of the first fire. She is the warrioress, the initiatrix and the initiator! She calls us into our power, reminding us that rebirthing ourselves can often be a painful process yet demanding we courageously shed the old skins.

With Mercuria the messenger also retrograde in the sign of the first fire, this is a time of looking at where we are holding ourselves back from the fullest expression of our deepest, most primal truth. There may be a sense of frustration as we are forced to slow down and reflect if we are truly living in alignment with our integrity and authenticity. What are our underlying motivations? Are we coming from ego, or from the soul?

Both Mercuria and the Eclipse energies are entangled with Chiron the Shaman who is forcing us to look at where we are giving our power away, seeking outside of ourselves for our desires to be met.

 Aries, more than any other sign demands that we identify our desires and move passionately towards them. She asks us to meditate on the fact that we do not have infinite time on this planet. We have one life and it is too short to be wasted on pleasing or comparing ourselves to others, and projects or situations that drain our energy. We must face our projections and do the inner work if we wish to be free.


The ruler of this Eclipse is Mars in Pisces who will sit in conjunction with Saturnia at the time of the Eclipse, revealing to us where we need to see reality, and set boundaries. This combination of energies teaches us the hard lesson that no one is coming to save us, we are the only ones that can create change in our lives. With discipline and focus, we can actualise our big visions and dreams.

This is a period when many old attachments, relationships and old ways of being can be ‘Eclipsed’ from our lives. The past returns in dreams, memories and often in physical form as we are asked to clear out and make space for the new.

If we can choose to open up and lean into the alchemy of this Eclipse/retrograde season and choose to surrender our fear and clinging to what was, the potential for renewal and rebirth is spectacular. The work and effort we put into realigning ourselves during this period will be rewarded as we head towards the potent Jupitera/ Urainia conjunction on the 18th of April!

Let us choose to come together and work with these energies consciously, instead of falling into anxiety.

Our Online Aries New Moon Circle will be on the Eve of the Eclipse on the 7th of April, at 12pm UK time!


In these circles we work with ~ 


️ *Invocation of the Astrological Goddesses of the Cycle. 


️ *Astrological deep dives to see how these energies are effecting you personally and the collective. 


️ *Journal Questions and Reflections to help you align with your Visions and Dreams. 


️ * Soul stirring transmissions to guide you into deeper levels of healing and Awakening. 


️ * Ritual and Ceremony to help you move in flow with the Cosmic Cycles. 


The cost of this circle is £18. It will be held live at 12pm UK time on the 7th of April, and recorded for you to keep. A Zoom link and details to prepare to receive the energy of this circle will be sent out on receipt of payment. If we are not already connected, please let me know your preferred email address!  

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