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New Moon Circles 

Each New Moon we Gather together for Astrological Discussion, Ritual and Soul Awakening Transmissions.....

Cancer New Moon Circle ️


The Cancer New Moon rises on the 5th of July, bringing an emotional reset and cosmic activation. 


This Luantion will be sat in conjunction with Sirius, the Star of Isis and Spiritual Sun. Sirian energy opens us up to receiving soul nourishment from the Goddess Herself. 


This is a time of allowing ourselves to tune into what nurtures us on an spiritual and physical level. Cancer is the Great Mother, the watery womb of creation from which we are all birthed. 


She is keeper of the ancestral wisdoms of the MotherLine, and the magic of our spiritual lineages. This New Moon calls us to attune to cycles and rhythms of our own hearts and bodies, so that we can become our own best Oracle.


She asks us....


️ What do we need right now to feel safe and secure in ourselves? Can we recognise that true security only comes from our ability to trust in Goddess?


️ What are we birthing into the world currently? What seeds are we planting into the vast Cosmic Womb as we enter the second half of the year?


️ Are we giving ourselves enough time to rest and reflect, and reconnect with what feels like home to us? 


At the time of the New Moon, Jupitera in Gemini will also sit in conjunction with one of the most beneficent Stars in our Yoniverse, Aldebaran the eye of the Bull.


Like Jupitera Herself, This Star is famed for its connection to prosperity and good fortune. This a time of significant cosmic expansion as the Stellar frequencies are easily accessible to us. 


Join us in Circle on July the 4th at 12pm UK time to work ceremonially and counciously with these energies! 


In these circles we work with ~ 


️ Invocation of the Astrological Goddeses of the Cycle. 


️ Astrological deep dives to see how these energies are effecting you personally and the collective. 


️ Journal Questions and Reflections to help you align with your Visions and Dreams. 


️ Soul stirring transmissions to guide you into deeper levels of healing and Awakening. 


️ Ritual and Ceremony to help you move in flow with the Cosmic Cycles. 


The cost of this circles is £18. It will be held live at 12pm UK time on the 4th of July, and recorded for you to keep of you can't be there in person!  

Payment is via Paypal at the link below. Please let me know your email address if we are not already connected 

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