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Welcome to Stars and Stones! 

After my recent travels along the Serpent Spine of the land visiting the ancient Stone Temples of Albion from Orkney to Penzance, I have come to understand that journeying to these Holy Places awakens and changes you in ways that cannot be described, as you touch the very same Stones the ancestors touched, or perhaps you, yourself did in another lifetime.


This year, we will be offering some deep immersions into the Ritual Landscapes of Albion, beginning with West Penrith in Cornwall, known in Ancient times as “The Land of Light.”

stars and stones dolmen.jpg

Cornwall is home to Lunar Womb Temples of the Boscawen-Un and the Merry Maidens, alongside iconic sites like the Fertility Stone of Men-a-Tol and Merlin’s Cave at Tintagel. Dragon/Ley lines and Star Pathways run through this land, bringing activation and remembrance. The Magic here is deep, earthy and elemental.

We are offering a two-day ceremonial journey through these sacred sites of West Penrith on 6th & 7th of July this year, just after the Cancer New Moon rises to connect with the energies of soul healing, purification, and heart expansion.

The cost of this trip will be £250, to include all transportation to and from Glastonbury and one nights shared accommodation in Cornwall! Concessions and part payments will be available. All are welcome but Spaces are limited, a £75 deposit secures your place. Click the link below to sign up!

Or Email me at for more information 

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All Images By James Meath check out his work here

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