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Jupitera/Urainia Conjunction 

At 3.27am UK time on the 21st of April, Jupitera the Golden Goddess and Urania the Star Mother come together in the fertile sign of Taurus for the first time since 1921. 


Under this Auspicious Energy, I invite you to expand your vision. To open up to every possibility and know the limitless opportunities for creation and manifestation that are available within each moment when we give ourselves permission to change. 


In this podcast we discuss..... 


️ The Goddess and Tarot Archetypes of this once in a lifetime alignment.


️ The importance of breaking out of our comfort zones and addictions to security in order to receive and thrive.  


️ Redefining our ideas about value, worth and abundance in the Aquarian Aeon. 


️ Understanding the Feminine Magic of receptivity, gratitude and presence, of choosing become sufficient in self love. 


️ Breaking down societal conditioning around beauty and sensuality as we let go of shame and guilt. 


And much more! 


Listen via the links below! 

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