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Astrology, September 2019

And so, the Great Silver Wheel turns once more…….

The light is slowly fading, the leaves are turning from lush green to rusty browns, golds and oranges as we find ourselves moving into the fullness of the harvest season. Soft, ripened fruits fall from the trees, as Gaia’s burrowing creatures begin to gather nuts and berries to sustain them through the colder months. We sense a slight chill in the early morning air, as Persephone prepares to re-enter the underworld, and our descent towards the darkness of the Earth Mother’s womb begins……

We begin the month of September in the wake of the bountiful Virgo New Moon, which fell on the 30th of August. With Sol, Mercury, Venus and Mars all transiting the sign of the celestial Priestess, this earthy Lunation initiates a cycle of decluttering and reorganising as we slowly begin to integrate the shifts of the intense of summer of astrology into our day-to-day lives.

Each of these heavenly bodies will also each create a harmonious trine to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn as they move through the sign of the Virgin, opening a portal of potential that invites us to anchor our visions into reality.

“The way you spend your days is the way you spend your life” ~ Brianna West

Virgo teaches us the importance of small, daily actions to build our big dreams. We may ask, how can I take practical, tangible steps to ground my visions and inspirations so they may manifest? How can simplify my life and restructure my schedule so I may invest my time and energy more productively? How can I be more efficient and focussed in my work and spiritual practices? How can i give my body the cleansing/healing it needs so that i can be at my most inspired, vibrant and energised?

With so much intense Virgoan energy circulating, we must also be aware that we do not fall into Her shadow aspects of overanalysing to the point of feeling paralysed, hypersensitivity and extreme perfectionism that can tip over into self-criticism and anxiety if left unchecked.

As the planets move through Virgo, they will one by one square Jupiter, newly direct in Sagittarius, and oppose Neptune in Pisces creating an ongoing ‘T-Square’ alignment, that is continually triggered throughout the month. Jupiter and Neptune have been challenging each other since the beginning of 2019, inviting us to see through veil of illusion and discover own authentic truths.

Issues of spiritual bypassing, and the dangers of new age indoctrination have been highlighted this year, alongside many displays of fanatical religious/political opinion. We are coming to realise that positive thinking/sending love means nothing if we do not also take action to change, both personally and collectively.

We are reminded that there is a difference between enlightenment and ensoulment. Where are we still spacing out, detaching from our bodies and seeking guidance from sources outside of ourselves? Are we still looking for a saviour, desiring to merge into oneness/source and escape the realities of human life? Or are we grounded into our own being, rooted in our own power and bravely taking responsibility for ourselves?

As we move through Virgo season and these energies reach their peak, we are invited to examine every aspect of our lives and relationships to discover what is real, and what is a fantasy. We may ask, where am I deceiving myself? Where am I self-sabotaging by refusing to see the truth of my own addictive patterns? Where am I allowing myself to be taken advantage of, giving more than I am receiving? Where do I need to apply stronger boundaries and discernment?

On the 13th of September, Venus the Lover Goddess and Mercury the Messenger come together in the final degrees of Virgo, before travelling together into the sign of the Scales on the 14th, bringing gifts of clarity and perspective as we begin to shift from the density of the Earth signs to the element of air. As they cross into Libra, Mercury and Venus will oppose Chiron the Shaman in the early degrees of Aries initiating one of the key themes of this month, the ability to find balance between our needs and those of others. Libra reminds us that compromise can be the key to healing.

The watery Pisces Full Moon peaks on the 14th of September, Lady Luna sits in conjunction with Her own ruler, Neptune and in opposition to the stellium of planets in Virgo. Always one of the most cathartic Full Moons of the year, this Lunation asks us to wash away any emotional or psychic debris we are holding on to, illuminating where our soul is crying out for healing.

The Virgo/Pisces axis is one of detoxification and purification. Virgo cleanses on the physical level of being, Pisces on the spiritual. Virgo, as the cosmic Priestess ensures that the earthly vessel is sanctified, creating a strong container for the unconditional love of the Great Mother to move through. Virgo tends the altar of humility, reminding us that recognition and accolades mean nothing if we are not serving something greater than ourselves.

Saturn, Mystress of Time and space stations direct on the 18th of September. She has been in retrograde motion since the 29th of April 2019, inviting us to take responsibility for our lives and to develop tenacity and self-discipline in the section of our birth chart she is currently transiting, alongside Pluto the Dark Mother. During this 5 month period of reflection, Saturn has remained in tight conjunction with the South Node of release, creating an atmosphere of density and pressure as we strived to not only master the lessons of this lifetime, but to clear the karmic residue of those that we have lived before.

As She changes direction, we will slowly begin to see the results of the hard work we have putting in to building our dreams and visions. If we have humbly and willingly put in the work required, Lady Saturn will allow us to cross the threshold of initiation and receive our Karmic Harvest. Saturn will remain in conjunction with the South Node until early October.

Also today, Venus/Inanna once more becomes visible in the skies as she rises as the Evening Star, Venus Hesperus. Currently in Her home sign of Libra, the Love Goddess shines down upon us, offering Her gifts of beauty and harmony.

On the 23rd of September, Sol crosses the equinox point as She follows Venus and Mercury into Libra. After a moment of equilibrium in which day and night are of equal length, the light of Sol will gradually begin to die as we head into the dark half of the year. We now feel the urge to withdraw and turn within, preparing to hibernate and rest during the long winter months.

Those in the Southern Hemisphere experience the return of life force and vitality. The radiance and warmth of Sol grows stronger and brighter, as you enter the Spring/Summer cycle.

This year’s Libra season gives many opportunities for rebalancing the key areas of lives ~ our relationships, home/family and work/purpose as many squares and oppositions form across the cardinal signs, reigniting the themes of Eclipse season.

The Libra New Moon rises on the 28th of September, ushering in a cycle of reclaiming our right to live a life of peace and balance. This New Moon particularly highlights any disharmony in our partnerships and alliances with others. La Luna creates a challenging opposition with Chiron, asking us if we are truly able to be our authentic selves in all of our relationships. Can we maintain our identity whilst collaborating with others? What are the deep wounds of love we carry that need to be met with love and tenderness? How can we create solutions that are fair and just for everyone during times of conflict?

Equinox Blessings!

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

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