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~ April Astrology, 2019 ~

And so we find ourselves moving into the month of April, the season of rebirth. The light continues to grow stronger and brighter calling us to awaken our power, passion and enthusiasm for life ……

This is set to be a month of simultaneous pressure and potential as we begin the month with another period of all planets moving direct, and ends with 3 major planets in retrograde motion. As the Solstar moves through the sign of Aries the Firestarter, She conjoins with Eris, Goddess of disruption, and creates square alignments with Saturn, Mistress of Karma and Pluto, the Dark Goddess as they draw ever closer together in preparation for their historical conjunction in 2020.

‘Do not speak of birth without sacrifice. Such a thing does not exist.’ ~ Danielle Dulsky.

Aries is the flaming forge of transformation, Saturn/Pluto/Capricorn is the hammer and anvil that shapes us into the best version of ourselves we can be. These once in a lifetime energies offer us the opportunity to alchemise the leaden dross of our lives into spiritual and financial gold if we are willing to shed the old and comfortable, take full ownership of our reality, face our fears and act with disciplined focus.

Under the influence of the Aries the initiator, we may feel the urge to recklessly charge ahead without consideration. Many of us live by the law of attraction, but we forget the law of karma. Every action we take has an energetic consequence. The dense Capricornian vibration reminds us of the importance of slow, steady action that is rooted in integrity.

With Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of release within degrees of each other all month long, this is a time of deep soul work as we engage in some profound shadow work, as we see the cold hard truth of our lives and our world as hidden truth and corruption continue to be ruthlessly exposed.

We begin the Month with a New Moon in Aries on April the 5th, beginning the Astrological year. With all planets currently moving forward, and Mercury now separating from Her long conjunction with Neptune, this is a perfect Lunation for setting the new into motion as we embrace our power and potential, recognising ourselves as the creators of our reality.

This fiery Arian Lunation sits in square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, echoing this cycle’s theme of self-responsibility and personal accountability. It is important that we are truly willing to commit to the plans and desires we are setting into motion at this time, ensuring that we are acting in alignment with our personal code of morality.

On the 10th of April, Jupiter stations retrograde in Her home sign of Sagittarius, bringing closure to our ‘all planets direct’ window of opportunity. Our celestial Sovereign will journey back to 14 degrees of the sign of the Archer, the same spot She first squared ethereal Neptune upon in late January. We will be called to review and reflect upon the areas of our life Jupiter been calling us to expand over the last 4 months.

We may find that some of our big dreams and visions need to be reworked to ensure that they are grounded in reality. If we have been over extending ourselves or over exaggerating our ability to deliver on our promises, now is the time to make changes, and align ourselves with truth. Jupiter will also be making a Square to Mercury the Messenger as She slows to change direction, asking us to look back at the decisions made around the 19th of February. Check the house of your birth chart Jupiter is currently transiting for more insight as to how you will be personally affected. Jupiter will resume direct motion on the 11th of August.

Also today, Lady Venus and Neptune come together in the transcendent sign of Pisces, offering us an opportunity to reconnect with the frequency of unconditional love and spiritual truth, providing us some welcome respite amongst all the heaviness.

Mercury leaves Her retrograde shadow on the 17th of April. As She culminates Her 9 week journey through the sign of the Fishes and blazes into Aries, She instantly meets with Chiron the Shaman. After months of languishing in the dreamy depths of the subconscious, we can finally begin to think clearly and directly once more. This can be a day of divine revelation as we suddenly receive flashes insight that enable us to take action to heal the wounds that have been surfacing since early March.

On the 19th of April we experience our second Libran Full Moon of the year. With Sol and Luna sitting at the final degrees of the signs of the Ram and the Scales, this Lunation brings closure to the lessons last month’s zero degree Full Moon awoke within us at the Equinox point. Less than 24 hours later on April 20th, The Solstar enters Taurus, immediately activating Uranus the Storm Goddess who is currently sitting in the early degrees of the sign of the Bull. This Taurus season asks us to redefine what is valuable to us. To envision new ways of sharing our love, energy and resources, as we seek to liberate ourselves from stagnancy and start to truly embody the reality we wish to live in.

Also on the 20th of April, Venus the Love Goddess emerges from the Piscean waters and charges into the courageous heart of Aries. Venus in Aries is the Amazonian Warrioress, holding Her Shield of Protection and Spear of Destiny. Unashamed and unafraid to pursue Her desires she charges forward with a fearless ferocity. As the Earth Herself blossoms into the full beauty of springtime here in the northern hemisphere, the energy of lust, magnetism and attraction fills the air……

During the next few weeks our relationships will be undergoing many shifts and changes as we seek to embrace our individual need for freedom and authentic expression, whilst maintaining harmony in our partnerships. We are undergoing a period of breakdown or break through in our intimate connections as old loves dissolve away and new romances begin.

On the 24th of April Pluto stations retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, with Saturn following suit just 6 days later on the 30th, whilst in conjunction with the South Node of release. At the time of their stationing there will be just 3 degrees separating these two celestial titans, offering us a foreshadowing of what is to come when they completely merge in January 2020.

On a global and personal level, all structures and institutions that are not serving the building of the New Paradigm will start to disintegrate and fall, sending shockwaves throughout our reality. It’s important that we do not fall into fear and instead take steps to become self-reliant, so we can live independently of the corrupt systems that are crumbling under the weight of the truths that are being exposed. It is time to face reality and eliminate all that is holding us back and keeping us locked in the past patterns of blame and victimhood. Check the Capricorn house of your chart to see which area of your life this intense transformation is occurring.

This Month’s energies are a foreshadowing of what is to come as Saturn and Pluto prepare to come together in the sign of the SeaGoat for the first time in 502 years in Dec2019/Jan2020. We are living in unprecedented times as we witness the fall of the patriarchy/old paradigm.

The healing remedy to the heaviness of these shifts is to embrace the energy of the Cancer North Node, our point of collective evolution. To let go of measuring our worthiness by our productiveness, how much we accumulate, or how powerful of influential we are and instead make every act one of devotion and service to the Great Mother and the beautiful, bountiful earth we live upon. To value tribe and family more than materialistic gain.

In the New Paradigm, only businesses and offerings that are sustainable and heart centred will thrive. It is time to simplify and realign with what is truly important ~ connection and community.

Many Blessings <3

Art by ~ Tomasz Alen Kopera

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