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~ The Womb Of Rebirth ~

And so, as we journey towards the end of 2019, Jupiter and Luminous Lady Venus come together at 27 degrees Sagittarius, the Galactic Centre.

To astrophysicists, the Galactic Centre is a super-massive, light bending Black Hole. To Mystics, it is the great Cosmic Womb, the swirling Vortex of Creation through which all new light and life enters into our universe. Here in the centre of the Galaxy, the Star Goddess sits and spins the threads of past, present and future together, spinning the very fabric of existence into being.

After the excruciatingly emotional deep soul dive of Scorpio Season, this energy invites us to expand our vision, to experience a gnostic perspective and glimpse our life through the eyes of the Divine, recognising the natural order that underlies all of creation. We now see with clarity, understanding that all we have released and uncovered has been for a higher purpose as we begin to integrate the lessons of Mercury’s cathartic Retrograde journey.

As we approach the end of what has been a brutal year for many, we are offered a moment of spiritual renewal, a chance to reconnect with our hearts own truths as we look beyond the attachments and desires of the ego self, falling into the infinite, starry vastness of the eternal void. From this space of pure nothingness, galaxies and solar systems are birthed into being. Multiple realities and other dimensional frequencies are easily accessed, giving us the key codes to unlock the deepest mysteries of the cosmos.

As we move ever closer to the end of decade, cycles upon cycles are closing, old safety structures and belief systems are continuing to crumble. With a brooding, intense Mars in Scorpio also opposing Uranus the Liberator in Taurus this weekend, we may also become are of any lingering programming and psychic entanglements that are keeping us stagnant and small as our energy systems are being recalibrated to allow the authentic expression of the soul to more easily shine through.

The Galactic Centre is the ever-spiralling dark abyss that is simultaneously destructive and creative. It is the end and beginning of all things. Recreating our lives and ourselves is often an uncomfortable process. Rebirth rarely comes without pain or loss of some kind.

We must cease the struggle and cut ties with what is no longer working, so that we are able to weave the web of our true destiny. Mars in Scorpio lends us the courage to arise, like the archetypical phoenix from the ashes of our old self, stronger and more empowered than ever before.

“Innumerable streams of Light fall like Star-rain upon the Earth. Since every man and every woman is a star, their lives are unto like streams of light concentrated upon every point in Space.” ~ taken from ‘Hymn to the Star Goddess’ written in honour of Nuit.

From this place of silence and surrender, trust and faith in the benevolence of the universe is restored, as we are gifted with visions and inspirations that lead us back home, towards our soul’s sacred purpose for this incarnation. Moments of prophecy and intuition invite to envision a future that is bolder, brighter, filled with passion and rich with meaning. The magic of the Jupiter/Venus conjunction expands our hearts, encouraging us to open, receive and share the abundance of life with joy and generosity.

You are made of Stardust, intricately interwoven into the tapestry of life, individual, yet never separate. Every thought, feeling and action you take reverberates through time and space, influencing the collective. What are you dreaming into being? Can you imagine how your reality would shift if you recognised the limitlessness of your own creative potential? How does it feel to touch the expansive nature of your own Soul Star?

As Jupiter completes Her year long journey through the sign of the Archeress, look to the Sagittarius ruled house of your birth chart to see which area of your life this acceleration has been unfolding. How are you rewriting the script of your life? Was what true for you, but now no longer resonates? How has your vision for your life grown and changed over the last 12 months? Do you feel you now have the freedom to be who you authentically are?

The last time Jupiter activated this part of the Zodiac was December 2007 whilst in conjunction with Dark Mother Pluto, who spent most of the year moving backwards and forwards across the G.C. We may find themes from that period replaying in our lives. We can also reflect on 2017, when Saturn was crossing this powerful threshold in square to Chiron the Shaman in Pisces. It is important to only take action on that which is in alignment with your personal sense of integrity at this time.

Jupiter will follow Saturn, Pluto and the South Node into Capricorn on the 2nd of December. Take note of ideas, connections, opportunities and downloads that are pouring to you and through you at this time, the opportunity to ground them into reality with focus and discipline will present itself as we move into 2020.

Stellar Blessings!

Art ~ Nuit by MyWorld1 on Deviant Art

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