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~ April Astrology, 2021 ~

And so, the beauty of Spring is blossoming all around us as. The intoxicating aroma of Hawthorn permeates the air as we sit under the stars on warm, early summer evenings. The starfire of sensuality stirs within us all as the land becomes fertile once more.

The fierce Aries New Moon rises on the 11th of April. This first New Moon of the Astrological year sets the tone for an explosive month ahead. Sat in conjunction with Eris the Disruptor, Chiron, Mercuria and Venus all in Square to Pluto the Dark Mother, this Lunation invites us to take dynamic action to stand up for what we believe to be true.

The archetype of Eris is the uninvited one, the outsider, the one who disrupts the social order. In Aries, She reminds us that we have the power within us to make the necessary changes in our lives. We do not need to seek approval from outside authority figures or institutions. We must release our fears of being rejected, misunderstood or ostracised if we speak our truth. There is no pain greater than living a life of inauthenticity.

As the planets transition from Aries and into Taurus mid-month they will create a challenging square alignment with Pluto in Capricorn, inviting us to reflect on what it is we truly desire. Or are we looking to placate our ego by obtaining more material wealth or status? Are we defining our worth by our achievements or by how in alignment we are with the integrity of our soul?

On the 14th of April, Venus heads into the sign of Taurus, the Cow Mother, one of Her Signs of rulership. Venus is Taurus is the embodiment of Love. She is Aphrodite incarnate. She stimulates the senses, inviting us to embrace the ecstasy of being alive in a physical body. She is the touch of the beloved, the warmth of sunlight upon skin. Although currently rendered invisible by Her proximity to Sol, by the end of April/early May She will reappear in our skies as the shimmering, ethereal evening Star.

Venus will be the first celestial body to trigger the ongoing Urania in Taurus/Saturnia in Aquarius square this month. She will be followed by Sol and Mercuria as the energy builds towards the Scorpio Full Moon at the end of the Month.

These alignments call us to revisit the themes of revolution, freedom and liberation that were sparked off in February as the planets journeyed through Aquarius. There can be no denying that we are no living in the digital age. Technology is an ever-increasing and unavoidable aspect of our day-to-day life. Yet Taurus season invites us to ask ourselves how far we are willing to deviate from what is natural. Can we utilise the gifts that our connection to the web gives us in service to the healing of the Earth and Her people?

For those of us who walk the edges, who can sense what is unfolding this would be wonderful time to begin to restructure our work to align with our true values, and to prepare for the changes to come. This months energy will undoubtedly bring changes to the way we create and maintain our financial resources, collectively and individually.

Can we be brave enough to break free of old comforts and securities and step into new ways of creating and connecting? Can we choose to expand into the new era without losing our connection to the sacred?

Sol and Mercuria will follow Lady Venus into Taurus on the 19th of April, giving us a moment to stabilise ourselves and reconnect with what nourishes our soul. Despite the challenges that continuously come with living in this time of transition from one great age into another, nature is a constant reminder of the power of being rooted in the now, of absorbing each precious moment of magic and connection as it arises.

As each Planet collides with Urania, we move to a new level of awakening. We feel the electric fire of Kundalini rising up through each chakra, calling us to release density and blockages so that we can truly embody the new Aquarian frequency, rather than just understand it.

On the 23rd of April, Mars the Warrioress enters Cancer for the first time in 2 years. Here, in the watery Temple of the Lunar Womb, She calls us to turn our energy towards defending what is dear to us, our home, family and tribe. She is the protectoress of future generations, the guardian of lineage. Mars in Cancer is incredibly empathic and hyper sensitized which can create an atmosphere of emotional over reactivity and a tendency to take everything very personally. This transit can stir up some long-buried resentments and old wounds for healing.

We have perhaps the most potent Full Moon of the year rising in the sign of the Scorpioness early hours of the 27th of April. Reaching Her peak just hours before Her Modern Ruler, Pluto stations retrograde there is a potent energy of transformation and catharsis surrounding this Lunation which calls us deep into the shadowlands to sit with our fears.

The Full Moon sits in opposition to the current Stellium of Sol, Urania, Venus and Mercuria in Taurus and in Square to Saturnia in Aquarius further highlighting the current karmic choice point we are collectively journeying through. Unexpected shocks and revelations force us to break free of old attachments and attitudes.

This is a Kali Moon of soul alchemy and release. If we wish to cleanse the world of darkness, perhaps we first have to face our own. Under the penetrating gaze of the Dark Goddess, we become the Serpentessa, shedding the layers of sorrow, guilt, and conditioning that keep us stuck in cycles of self-hatred and disconnection from the pleasure of an embodied life. The Scorpio/Taurus polarity always reminds us that we must embrace death to know what it is to be truly alive.

Ostara Blessings!

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

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