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~ Aquarius New Moon/Lunar Imbolc, 4th of February ~

And so, we find ourselves entering the Star Temple of Aquarius, as the Moon Goddess rebirths Herself in the sign of the Water Bearer just days after we celebrate the festival of Imbolc, the great reawakening.

This Lunation brings closure to January’s transformative Eclipse season, and ushers in an auspicious four week period of rapid openings and soul evolution, as all the Planets continue to move direct, offering us a potent vortex of manifestation in which to plant the seeds of new growth that will begin to take root and blossom as we head into the warmer months.

Many of us have been stripped back of the things we felt kept us secure and comfortable over the past few months. We have been forced to let go of the people, places and situations that were no longer serving our growth, creating much confusion and upheaval. Aquarius is the sign of the visionary, She who sees everything from a rational, detached viewpoint, offering us the clarity we need to begin rebuilding our life anew.

The Aquarius Goddess asks us how we intend to reinvent our lives and ourselves. How can we look at things from a fresh perspective? How can we break free from old societal conditioning/programs of limitation and do things in a different way? Perhaps we are here to be pioneer, to bring through something the world has never seen before.

This is a time when new, innovative and exciting insights, ideas and inspirations can pour into our consciousness, awakening us to our true potential, and liberating us from old karmic patterns. Sudden breakthroughs, innovative genius and freedom from the past are the gifts of Aquarius. She invites you to imagine the highest future vision of yourself, and call it into being.

Aquarius is the Cosmic Web Weaver, spinning together the threads of past, present and future to create the very fabric of existence. She synchronistically draws us to the people, places and opportunities that will lead us into the next stage of growth and expansion.

With Jupiter, Queen of Heaven making a supportive sextile to the New Moon from the Sign of Sagittarius, it is important that we believe in ourselves enough to allow ourselves accept the new life that we are being called into, and to ensure that we are invoking only that which is aligned with our deepest souls truths. When we attempt to manifest from an inauthentic space or from a place of low self-worth, we will often receive chaotic results.

Chiron the Shaman is currently sitting on the final degree of the Zodiac as He prepares to shift from Pisces into Aries on the 18th of February. As He lingers at the 29th degree of the sign of the celestial fishes, we may find ourselves facing up to old patterns of self-sabotage.

Oftentimes when our current reality begins to open up, and the things that we have longed for begin to appear in physical form we become fearful of how our lives will have to transform in order to accommodate the shift. Subconscious programs of unworthiness or feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’ can entice us back into self-destructive behaviour and addictions that serve to keep us small. It is up to us to look deep into our minds and hearts to uncover the root causes of these destructive tendencies and let them go.

This is a time of reclaiming our power, knowing that we are here to help co-create the New paradigm that is being birthed. What we have to offer is valuable and needed. The time is now, and the possibilites are infinite!

Lunar Imbolc Blessings 💚

Art by ~ Francene Hart.

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