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~ Aries New Moon, 5th of April ~

And so a fresh new cycle begins as Sol and Luna come together in the Temple of Fire, giving us the first New Moon of the Astrological year.

This flammable Aries New Moon comes to draw us out of the murky Piscean waters we have been swimming in since February……

“Your soul is a thing that now needs fire.” ~ Paul Celan

Although the internal emotional clearing work we have been engaged in has been integral to our growth, we are now feeling the urge to burst forth and blossom once more.

It is time to awaken from our stagnancy and complacency, to let go of wallowing and self-sabotage as we head towards a brand New Beginning.

During our long stay in the formless void that is Pisces, many of us may have lost sight of what truly ignites the fires of passion within us. We may have felt weak, or ineffectual, unable to see where to place our time, energy and resources.

Aries invites us to look at how we have been giving our power away. She reminds us that only we can create the changes that we wish to see in our reality. Headstrong and independent, Aries charges ahead, following Her dreams relentlessly and courageously. She does not seek validation or approval, but relies purely upon Her own instincts to know what is right for Her.

Aries encourages us to liberate ourselves from of all that is draining our life force and vitality. She reveals all that is stifling our spirit and asks us to reclaim our right to live free and wild. She is not quiet or polite, and She is not afraid!

She teaches us how to break free of the ruts we find ourselves entrenched in. She reminds how dull and brittle life becomes when everything is predictable and routine. She asks us do something a little different each day to change our perspective on life and see what is possible.

This fiery New Moon sits in challenging square to Saturn, Mistress of Time, Pluto, the Dark Mother, Goddess Asteroid Persephone and the South Node of release in Capricorn, reminding us that there can be no birth without death of some kind. In order to bring the new into being, we must be willing to let go of what is holding us back.

We may ask ourselves, what needs to die so the new can be born? What old fear are you carrying that is preventing you from expressing yourself fully? Where is lack of self-belief/self-confidence holding you in patterns of smallness?

Exciting ideas and inspirations may rush in at this time, but we must be willing to take the day-to-day actions that will ultimately bring our dreams into manifestation. The Saturnian/Arian frequency says that we must be willing to take leadership of our own lives. No one is going to do it for us.

Saturn is the perfect remedy for the impatient, impetuous nature of Aries, reminding us of the importance of discipline, focus and self-mastery. We must resist the temptation to give into frustration if our desires seem to be delayed, and instead learn to cultivate patience and surrender.

Lady Saturn is the weaver of the threads of Karma. Karma is simply the law of action and consequence. Sometimes we may receive karma instantaneously, other times we may find ourselves dealing with Karmic ramifications from previous incarnations that take us on a life long journey of healing and unravelling.

We are standing at a collective crossroads of destiny. The effect of the actions taken at this New Moon will have longstanding energetic repercussions, calling us to act with integrity and wisdom. Now, more than ever, we must ensure that our actions are aligned with our hearts truths and a desire to serve something larger than ourselves.

During this time of planetary upheaval as we experience the first rumblings of 2020's Saturn/Pluto conjunction, many old patterns of scarcity and ‘not enoughness’ are rising up. It is important we do not fall into the Capricorn shadow of ‘survival mode’ doing things that go against our souls truths, or overworking to the point of exhaustion out of a sense of lack.

We now rest at the Mid-point between two Libra Full Moons, as Sol comes to challenge the North and South Nodes, asking us to find balance in all areas of our lives ~ work and rest, self and other, giving and receiving, action and reaction.

Many relationships, both personal and professional are coming up for review as hidden truths rise to the surface. Aries asks us to reclaim our sacred self-hood and choose partnerships that allow us to grow into the most expansive version of ourselves. It is time to be honest with others and ourselves.

At this New Moon, take some time to contemplate what fuels the flames of enthusiasm, motivation and creation within you. Prepare to resurrect your potential and purpose as the Lunar Cycle unfolds……

New Moon Blessings 📷<3

Aries Goddess Art by ~ Jo Jayson

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