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~ Astrology, February 2019 ~

And so, the Great Silver Wheel turns again, and we find ourselves heading toward Imbolc, the festival of the Celtic Goddess Bridie/Brighid, which is celebrated on the 1st/2nd of February. The fragile tendrils of new life are starting to appear as Snowdrops and Crocuses break through the cold, hard ground. Life is stirring beneath our feet, inviting us to gently awaken from our winter slumber and plant the seeds of new beginnings…….

After the density of Januarys heavy Capricornian Eclipse Season, we are now moving forward into a period of rapid acceleration with all planets moving direct, as Sol and Mercury journey together through the sign of Aquarius the visionary. New insights, inspirations and opportunities pour in as we begin to rebuild our lives from a fresh and innovative perspective. The old ways are now obsolete, the old structures have crumbles and fallen. What will you create to take their place?

We enter the month with a confrontation between Mars in Her home sign of Aries and Pluto the Dark Goddess in Capricorn on the 2nd of February. This combination of energies ignites our Shakti, wakening the Phoenix fire within. They ask us, what do you truly desire, in the depths of your secret heart, and why? Desire often holds negative connotations in many spiritual teachings, yet desire is life force itself. Without the energy of desire, nothing would ever come into being. Our desires often reflect back to us the deepest truths of our soul, teaching us much about our underlying motivations and intentions.

On the 3rd of February, Lady Venus heads into the sign of the SeaGoat, where She will Collide with both Saturn and Pluto over the coming month. Venus in Capricorn is the celestial Sovereign, enthroned in Her own power, She wears the Crown of commitment and holds the Sceptre of self-worth. She reminds us that we are the Divine authority that chooses where we will invest our time and energy. She teaches us the value of discernment and boundaries, of discipline and devotion when building our dreams. Sometimes we may need to say ‘no’ to others, in order to create space to say ‘yes’ to ourselves.

The Aquarius New Moon rises in the skies on the 4th of February, officially closing Eclipse season, and initiating a wave of new beginnings. Although classed as an Air sign, Aquarius is the sign of the cosmos, the great etheric web of life. The Aquarius Goddess weaves together the threads of fate and destiny, placing us in exactly the right space, at the right time to meet exactly the right person. She is synchronicity itself, orchestrating events and meetings that will align us with the highest version of ourselves. This New Moon, sat in Conjunction with Mercury the messenger, offers us an opportunity to revolutionise our lives, to plant the seeds of intention that will change our future, calling forward a new and exciting vision that serves not only ourselves, but also the evolution of humanity.

On the 10th of February, Mercury leaves the sign of the Water Bearer and dives into the Piscean Ocean. This is a time when communication and thought processes become poetic, soft and flowing. Psychic abilities heighten as we attempt to translate the language of spirit into understandable, earthly terminology. Logical thinking becomes a challenge as we feel much more inclined to drift off into the realms of imagination. Next month the Messenger Goddess will begin Her first retrograde of 2019 here on March the 5th, from the final degree of the zodiac in conjunction with Chiron the Shaman.

Mars finishes up His Journey through the sign of the Ram on the 13th of February. As he leaves, He will make a conjunction with Uranus who is currently sitting on the last degree of Aries. This is the final time these two cosmic titans will clash in the sign of Aries for 84 years. This is a frequency of fierce liberation, calling us to free ourselves from both self-imposed limitations and the restrictions placed upon us by society. It is time to rebel against all that holds your soul in bondage and conformity and rediscover your authentic truth!

On the following day, February the 14th, the Warrioress enters Taurus, bringing in an energy of sacred sensuality and pleasure, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Mars will journey through the sign of the Bull until the 31st of March, giving us the opportunity to ground and anchor the ideas and inspirations She kindled within us during Her transit through Aries.

As Mars charges through Taurus, She will make supportive trines with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a period of steadily taking back our power to manage our resources and finances, as we channel our passion into building our dreams. This can be an extremely productive transit, as long as we do not allow ourselves to fall into the shadow of Taurus, becoming immovable and stubborn, unable to see the stagnant patterns we have become entrenched in.

On the 18th of February, Sol glides into Pisces, as the astrological year comes to a close. For the next four weeks, we will be focussed on cleansing ourselves mentally, spiritually and emotionally in preparation for the New Year to begin at Ostara, the Spring Equinox. Pisces takes us deep into the realms of our subconscious to reflect on the previous 12-month cycle, showing us the karmic threads we need to cut before we can move forward.

Just 14 hours later on the 19th of February, we have our annual Full Moon in the sign of Virgo. This Full Moon will also be another Super Moon, amplifying the Virgoan frequency of purification. A wave of release and detoxification washes over us, asking us to clear the clutter on every level of our being in order to create space for a fresh start. The Virgo/Pisces axis teaches us that we must prepare our physical vessel if we are to birth the love of source into the world. Virgo reminds us of the importance of tending to the practical details of our lives. The Full Moon in the sign of the Priestess speaks to us of orderliness, structure and focus as keys to awakening our purpose.

At the time of this full Moon, Chiron also crosses the world axis as He leaves Pisces and re-enters Aries, where he will stay for the next 7 years. We are offered an opportunity for profound soul healing, as we call back our power through all directions of time. A new era is beginning as we collectively begin to reclaim the Warrioress within, trusting in our own ability to manifest our destiny and awaken our unique, individual purpose. We will wear our wounds as battle scars, unashamed to share our vulnerability, knowing that our story is the medicine the world needs.

Venus the Love Goddess meets Pluto, the Dark Mother in Capricorn on the 23rd of February taking us into the shadows of our feminine power, asking us to purge any old programmes we may have around being worthy of receiving love and abundance. How do we feel about being seen as a strong woman? About loving a strong woman?

Blessed Imbolc!

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