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~ Astrology, March 2019 ~

After the rapid acceleration we experienced in February with all planets moving direct, we are now invited to turn inwards, as the astrological year comes to a close. The first few weeks of March offer us the opportunity to turn within and detoxify our bodies, minds and souls in preparation for rebirth after the Equinox point. It is time to declutter our lives, and allow all excess to wash away.

We are reminded that all change begins within. We have to nourish our inner selves with compassion and love and be willing to engage in the necessary practices of karmic cleansing, forgiveness of self and others and letting go of the past if we wish to find peace.

This highly Chironic/Urainian month offers us an opportunity to liberate ourselves from deeply entrenched programing around self-worth and financial abundance in particular. How can we move into our future if we are still holding onto the past? Will we choose to expand into the exciting new way of being that is being offered to us, or will we continue to stagnate, repeating the same cycles of lack and self-deprecation?

If we wish to build a new reality, we must first be a clear vessel, ready and open to receive the keys to the next level of evolution.

We begin the month with Lady Venus entering the electric, eccentric sign of Aquarius on the 1st of March. Venus in Aquarius loves all of humanity equally. She reminds us of the importance of detachment and perspective in our partnerships, ensuring we allow ourselves and our loved ones the freedom we need to become the best version of ourselves we can be.

She supports us in liberating ourselves from relationships that are no longer serving. Unconventional, unemotional Venus in Aquarius sees relationships as a tool for soul evolution, rather than ego validation. This transit offers us a breath of fresh air amongst the watery, emotional energies of this heavy Pisces Season.

On the 5th of March, Mercury stations at 29 degrees Pisces, on the final degree of the zodiac, initiating the first retrograde of 2019. The messenger Goddess will begin Her underworld journey in conjunction with Chiron the Shaman in Aries, indicating that this will be a period of profound soul healing and dissolution of old emotional wounds. It is time to call the lost fragments of our selves back into wholeness.

“I was never addicted to one thing; I was addicted to filling a void within myself with things other than my own love” ~ Young Pueblo

This retrograde will highlight all of our addictive patterns and bypassing behaviours, calling us to look at the pain that are we are subconsciously trying to numb or avoid by filling our bodies and minds with toxins. What is the root cause of our cravings for caffeine, sugar, alcohol, nicotine and other substances? Why do we always find ourselves enmeshed in co-dependent relationships? What are we distracting ourselves from with hours of Netflix and social media?

Now is the time for rest, mediation and reflection as we turn within to examine and release ancient ancestral patterns we have been holding onto for lifetimes. Although intuition and psychic sensitivity will be amplified during this period, be aware that things may not be as they seem, as the foggy Piscean vibration makes it challenging to distinguish reality from illusion, as we drift between the waking world and the dreamscapes of our soul. Mercury will station direct on the 28th of March, leaving Her shadow on the 17th of April.

The New Moon rises in the sign of Pisces in conjunction with its own ruler, nebulous Neptune on the 6th of March. This set to be a confusing and chaotic Lunar Cycle, with Mercury still sitting at a standstill, and Uranus the Storm Bringer also shifting signs on the same day as She heads back into Taurus for a 7-year stay.

This paradoxical combination of energies invites us to ask ourselves ~ What toxic patterns or addictive behaviours within us need to be transformed within before we can fully embrace our true potential? How can we take back our power to heal ourselves, and our world? In which areas of our lives are we still continually playing the victim and sabotaging ourselves? Where are we still playing into the wounded healer/starving artist archetype, allowing our time and energy to be drained in the name of ‘service’? What does it actualy mean to be a ‘healer’ of ‘facilitator’ in this new paradigm?

Where are we leaking our energy or money by over giving or overspending? Are we still stuck in spiritual bypassing, refusing to acknowledge reality and shaming ourselves and others for not living up to idealistic New Age propaganda?

Uranus in Taurus is a once in 84 years occurrence that will be encouraging us all to redefine what is valuable to us, personally and collectively. She will be asking us to create new, revolutionary ways of making money and doing business that are serving not only for ourselves, but also for the planet that is our home. Our prosperity consciousness is undergoing an upgrade that calls us to break free of the system and move towards greater self-sufficiency.

Unexpected financial upheavals may take place as we adjust to this new frequency, and we are reminded that security is an illusion. With Mars the Warrioress also transiting the sign of the Bull until the end of the month, we are asked to call back our power to take charge of our financial and energetic resources. Are you being adequately compensated for the time and effort you are expending in your work and relationships? If not, now is the time to claim your power and make a change.

With Taurus being the sign most connected to the physical body and sacred sexuality, we will also be collectively breaking free of old cultural conditioning around what it means to be beautiful, sensual and worthy of love as we smash through eons of old societal programing.

We are now learning how to embody and ground the changes in consciousness we have been undergoing since the transition into the age of Aquarius began. The new paradigm is no longer a concept, it is fast becoming a tangible reality and it is up to us to anchor the changes that are coming through living authentically and sustainably.

The Spring Equinox/Festival of Ostara is celebrated on the 21st of March, as the Solstar blazes into the sign of Aries, and the Astrological New Year Begins! Traditionally this is a time of rebirth and forward movement as we, like the Earth, burst back into life after the long Winter Season. From this moment on in the Northern hemisphere, the hours of day light will become longer and longer until we reach the Summer Solstice.

Those in the Southern Hemisphere will begin the descent into the darker half of the year. Autumn is the season of shedding and letting go as you enter the Womb of the Crone Goddess and prepare to hibernate through the colder months.

As Sol enters the sign of the Ram, She will collide with Chiron, and oppose Lady Luna in the harmonious sign of Libra, giving us a potent Equinox Full Moon (the first of two in the sign of Libra this spring!), with both the Sun and Moon sitting at Zero degree points. This lunation offers a powerful ‘cosmic reset’ inviting us to bring all areas of our lives into balance as we prepare to move forward. Our relationships are particularly highlighted by this Lunation, as we become aware of how we are giving away our power, or stifling our needs and true self-expression in order to placate others.

On the 26th of March, Venus the Love Goddess leaves airy Aquarius, and dives into the celestial waters of Pisces. Venus in exalted in Pisces. She is the mystic mermaid immersed the ocean of unconditional love. She is Aphrodite herself, emanating the frequencies of surrender and forgiveness. In Her ethereal radiance, all hurts are healed, all pain and bitterness dissolves. Shimmering with light, and crowned with Seashells, she offers us Her chalice of healing, inviting us to drink Her elixir of compassion.

Mercury stations direct on the 28th of March, in conjunction with transcendent Neptune. Although Her retrograde journey is now over, we can’t expect complete clarity to return until Mercury leaves Her shadow and moves into Aries on the 17th of April.

Mars Leaves the Earthy sign of Taurus on the 31st of March, and heads into dualistic Gemini, where He will be igniting our mental capabilities and charging our communications for the next 6 weeks. Mars in Gemini can greatly overstimulate the mental body of those who are sensitive creating a sense of overwhelm. This a time of ensuring we are extra grounded, and pausing to breathe before we speak, ensuring our words don’t become weapons during this transit.

Ostara Blessings!

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