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~ Astrology of February 2021 ~

And so, the great wheel turns to Imbolc. Deep beneath Her purifying blanket of sparkling snow, the Earth Mother is stirring from Her winters rest. Tender, soft green shoots of new life and fresh hope are beginning to as break through as the hours of light grow steadily longer, and our life force starts to awaken once more.

We enter the season of StarFire with an unprecedented 5 planets in the sign of Aquarius, the Cosmic Weaver Goddess. Venus, Saturnia, Jupiter, Sol and Mercuria who is currently retrograde are all journeying through the sign of the Grail bearer, activating the energy of the Great Conjunction we experienced at Winter Solstice. We have not had such a convergence of planets in this sign since 1962, offering indication that the themes of revolution, rebellion and liberation will continue to amplify in the collective, as tensions between our desires for freedom and safety continue to escalate.

Lady Venus enters Aquarius on the 1st of February, where She will quickly activate the Saturn/Uranus Square which becomes exact midmonth. She asks us what do we value most? Expansion or comfort? The way we exchange goods and services is rapidly changing as we move into the Aquarian Era. Is our scared work and use of resources contributing to the healing of the Earth? Is our business aligned with the New paradigm of collaboration and community?

“Believe nothing, entertain possibilities” ~ Caroline Casey, Visionary Activist Astrology

On the 8th of February, Mercuria reaches the heart of Her retrograde cycle as She meets with Sol at 20 degrees Aquarius, inviting us to review our visions and reweave our web of communication and connections. Can you open your mind to infinite possibilities? Can you disconnect from the global ‘hive mind’ and think for yourself? Are you aware of just how much media and societal pressure influences your perception of reality and sense of self identity? Can we use technology, without allowing it to use us?

With the Aquarian frequency so dominant currently, it’s important that we don’t fall into incessant analysing, obsessing over statistics and spiralling into ungrounded theories as we desperately try to understand what is happening in the world. We cannot think our way to clarity.

In the void space of Aquarius, the past is gone, and the future is unknowable.

The Aquarian New Moon rises on the 11th of February, taking the total of planets now in the sign of the Cosmic Liberator to 6! This lunation ushers in a wave of electrifying energy unlike anything we have experienced before. A square to stubborn Mars in Taurus heightens the tension between the old reality and the new as lightening bolts of information and fresh ideas pour in that force us to break free from our mass hypnosis. This is a time of setting intention without attachment as we adjust to the changes that are happening.

Like a crystalline blade, this energy severs all that is no longer in alignment with the integrity of your soul as we free ourselves from personal and collective karma.

For those of us who live on the outer edges of society and have been preparing for the shifts that are coming, much creativity can emerge from the chaos as we step into our roles as pioneers of the new paradigm.

On the 17th of February the first Saturnia/Urania Square of the year becomes exact. Although we have been feeling this energy build since mid-January, we will now experience its full force as the unpredictable, volatile energy of 5D Urania strikes at Saturnia’s need to for solidity and order in the 3D reality. We can look to the image of the lightening struck tower in the Tarot for insight as to how this energy may manifest. Historically this aspect heralds events that reshape the structure of the world as we know it.

What is built on greed and inequality will begin to crumble and fall. New, ingenious creations that serve the healing of the Earth and Her people will thrive.

This square, falling in the signs of Taurus and Aquarius, asks us to balance our connection to what is earth based, simple and natural with progressive science and AI. We may see over the coming years that two radically different ideologies/tribes of humans begin to form. Those who wish to live freely in harmony with each other and Gaia and those who choose to stay in the synthetic systems of control.

“Creativity comes from paradox. We aspire to be disciplined wild people who are radical traditionalists.” ~ Caroline Casey, Visionary Activist Astrology

Saturnia, as holder of ancestral wisdom and lineage and Urania as Code Keeper of the next level of evolution call us to preserve the teachings of the ancients in new ways for future generations. As we transition from one great age to the next, how can we ensure that we don’t lose our connection to the sacred? We must not forget what makes us human.

We are coming to recognise that the spiritual pathway is a journey into uncomfortable truth and fierce activism, not a way to soothe our egos desires for more material gains to hoard. Our intention becomes co-operation, not accumulation.

Let us find the edge between preparedness and surrender, using the pressure of this moment to activate the diamond brilliance of our unique soul template. Saturnia and Urania will clash again in June, December and finally in October 2022.

Sol moves into the sign of Pisces the Soul Healer Goddess on the 18th of February offering us a month of emotional cleansing, dreaming and learning the sacred art of acceptance as we prepare for the coming of the Astrological New Year.

Mercuria stations direct on the 21st of February, brining completion to what began at the end of January. She will change direction in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturnia, offering us big, inspired visions that can be grounded into reality over time.

On the 25th of February, Venus glides into Pisces, Her sign of exaltation. Looking through the eyes of Venus in Pisces, the world becomes beautiful again. Music transports us to another dimension; poetry touches our soul more deeply. A piece of art moves us to tears. Everything is felt with exquisite sensitivity. She acts as soothing balm for our tender, broken hearts, reminding us that even in the darkest spaces, divinity can be found. Mercy, compassion, forgiveness are Her mantras.

We close the month with a Full Moon on the Virgo/Pisces axis on the 27th of February. The last Full moon of the winter season invites us to wash away the energetic debris of the last 12 months, calling us to declutter and detoxify mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Let us take back responsibility for our living space and physical body, creating an environment that we can flourish in. Let us balance the magical and the mundane, opening our hearts to the sacredness of every moment. Let your life become a ritual of revolution, a continuous ceremony of renewal as we move towards rebirth at the Spring Equinox.

Imbolc Blessings!

Art by ~ Autumn Skye Morrison

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