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~ Astrology of January and into 2021 ~

And we find ourselves not only at the beginning of a new decade, but a new age. The bright lights of the festive season are fading as we head into the deep winter. Tiny snowflakes fall to kiss the cold, frosty earth as the low setting sun illuminates the skyline with shades of pearlescent pink, blue and gold. Gaia is resting, preparing for the shifts to come, and we are called to do the same…..

We begin the New Year with Mars the Warrioress finally leaving Aries, and Her retrograde Shadow after spending nearly 6 months in Her home sign. She enters steady, grounded Taurus on the 6th of January, placing our attention on our desires for security and financial stability. Mars in Taurus speaks to us of our earthly, practical needs for food, warmth and comfort. Mars will collide with Saturnia, Jupiter and Urania later in the month, creating an atmosphere of stormy unpredictability that is the signature vibration of 2021.

We must all learn how to become comfortable with change, choosing to embrace the unknown over the coming years.

Mercuria enters Aquarius on the 8th of January. The Messenger Goddess will be the first of the planets to activate Jupiter and Saturnia since their Grand Conjunction at Solstice. This is an energy that wakes us up to the bigger picture, inviting us to expand our mind and our vision for the future. Ideas and inspirations abound, but can we capture and anchor them? She will also Square Mars in Taurus on the 9th of January and Urania on the 12th, asking us to form new perceptions around abundance and resources. Where are we taking more than we need? Where are we hoarding out of fear of lack? How can we strip back and simplify? The Aquarian Era we are now living in is about how we can share and co-operate, not how much we can accumulate.

An intense Capricorn New Moon rises on the 13th of January, closing the eclipse cycle which began with the Sagittarius New Moon on the 14th of December. What has changed in your reality since then?

Traditionally the Capricorn New Moon is a time for solidifying our intentions for the coming year, however, this lunation sits in close conjunction with Pluto, the Dark Goddess, taking us back to 2020’s theme of breaking down old structures that no longer serve. With Mars in Taurus now in square to Saturnia, the Ruler of this lunation in Aquarius we must be willing to let go of our attachments to how things were and start to visualise how we can rebuild in alignment with the Aquarian principles of equality, community and soul freedom.

With Lady Venus in Capricorn also challenging Chiron the Shamanka in Aries at this time, we may ask ourselves, are we still defining our worth by our ability to be seen as successful? Are we still trading our authenticity for approval in the matrix world?

On the 14th of January, Urania the Storm Goddess stations direct at 6 degrees of Taurus, after 6-month retrograde period. She will change direction in close proximity to Mars (they will form an exact conjunction on the 20th, the day of inauguration in the US!) and in square to Jupiter and Saturnia in Aquarius.

This is a volatile combination of energies that initiates us into the overarching themes of the year. This alignment can be likened to a lightning strike of liberation that forces us to evolve into a new level of consciousness. Shocking, abrupt changes to the status quo are likely.

If we wish to be truly free, we will have to let of our attachments to security and being taken care of and break free of stagnant ways of working and living. We must choose self-sufficiency and collaboration, working together and utilising our assets and gifts for the good of the collective as the economy as we know it begins to collapse. We are reminded that true wealth is the freedom to live, love and grow as we choose.

During this Aquarian period, we are likely to see a rising resistance to all forms of injustice, inequality, control and corruption. The Shadows of Aquarius are increasing technocracy and scientific interference/manipulation of what is natural. We must remember our interconnectedness with the Great Taurean Earth Mother and each other to ensure we retain balance. Will we choose a future of authentic awakening or deeper entrenchment in authoritarianism? The upcoming series of Saturnia/Urania squares will force us to choose between progression and old systems of ‘power over.’

We may ask ourselves, how are my values changing? What is my vision for the future and what is my role in the evolution of humanity? What is my unique genius/offering to the world? How can I expand my perceptions and open to new possibilities and ways of being? How can I embrace uncertainty, rather than contract?

Mercuria enters Her retrograde Shadow on the 15th of January, at 11 degrees Aquarius in conjunction with Jupiter. Pay attention to the messages and downloads that come for you now, they will be important during the retrograde period which begins at the end of the month.

On the 19th of January, Sol also enters Aquarius, quickly making a conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter, illuminating and expanding the New Vibrations that are pouring in. Aquarius is the Grail Bearer, carrying the crystalline chalice of inspiration and cosmic wisdom. She is the Star Weaver Goddess, threading together the dreams of the past, present and future. She is the authentic light of the soul, beyond the illusion of social conformity. She is the revolutionary, the sacred rebel/activist that calls us to stand up and demand a better world for all. She teaches us we are individual, but never separate.

This overload of the Aquarian frequency may be difficult and destabilising for many to integrate as they come to understand the world they thought they knew is falling away, causing them to react fearfully. We may need to practice the Aquarian art of detachment, not taking things personally or becoming rigidly attached to any one point of view.

Sol will follow the pathway of Mercuria, igniting the Aquarius/Taurus squares as we build to the First Full Moon of 2021, in the sign of Leo the She-Lion on the 28th. Sitting in square to Mars and Urania and opposite Jupiter, there is an explosive element to this Lunation, which calls us to remember our sovereignty and power. The Leonine energy awakens the Star Fire within us as we head into the Imbolc season inviting us to reconnect with the creative spark of divinity within us all. How can we bravely and boldly bring our light out into the world, despite the chaos that surrounds us? Your radiant confidence in who you are, in all of your quirkiness inspires others to become their most magnificent self!

On the 30th of January, Mercuria begins Her first retrograde journey of 2021 at 26 degrees of Aquarius. This will lead us into a 3-week period of disentangling our personal beliefs from the ‘hive mind’ of the collective. What is your individual truth? Can you allow yourself to believe something new? Mercuria will station direct at 11 degrees Aquarius on the 21st of February.

As we enter next month, we will have a convergence of 5 planets in Aquarius for the first time since 1962. This is truly the year to step into your innovative self, to do what has never been done before. Aquarius is the quantum field of possibility, the eternal now moment from which we can choose to experience multiple realities and dimensions. What are you deciding to call forward from the void of pure potential?

Blessed New Year!

Art by Kamille Freske

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