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~ August Astrology 2019 ~

And so we find ourselves entering August, the month of the Golden Harvest, the Season of Lammas. Just as Gaia’s fruits and grain ripen to fullness upon Her trees and fields, so does the all of the labouring we have been doing, tending to the growth our own dreams and visions since the start of 2019 begin to reach fruition.

As the planets journey from the radiance of Leo to the earthy, grounded sign of Virgo, we find ourselves receiving the tangible rewards for our efforts as many longed for opportunities begin to manifest.

We blaze into the month with a fiery, feline New Moon on the 31st of July/ 1st of August, depending on where you are in the world. With Sol, Luna, Mars and Venus all in the sign of the Lioness, this is a Lammas Lunation of fierce self-love that reignites our passion, desire and lust for life after our long immersion in the Cancerian waters of emotional healing.

A square to Uranus and trine to Chiron offers us the opportunity to redefine any old, stagnant beliefs around self-worth, abundance and sensuality, inviting us to know that we, as much as anyone, deserve to receive all of the prosperity and pleasure life has to offer.

The annual Lion’s Gate portal opens on 8/8/8 as Sirius, the Star of Isis rises alongside our Solstar in the early morning sky, bringing us the wisdom of our Stellar Ancestors. This year’s Lions Gate invites us to open our hearts to receive blessings of romance, creativity and joy as Venus and Sol prepare to come together and create and auspicious trine to Jupiter, as She slows to change direction.

On the 11th of August, Mercury re-enters Leo, just as Jupiter stations direct in Sagittarius. Since the 10th of April 2019 Jupiter has been back tracking through the house of our birth charts ruled over by the celestial centaur, inviting us to discover our deepest truths and align our vision for the future with them, so that we may walk in complete integrity and authenticity.

As She resumes direct motion, She gives us gifts of expansion and acceleration of purpose as our pathway of service once more becomes clearly illuminated. What outdated, limiting truths/belief systems have you let go of during the past 4 months? How has your core spiritual truth transformed? What spiritual illusions have you seen through? How can you widen your horizons and bravely take the next steps on your journey of evolution as you begin to embody the truth of who you have become?

“What a mess I have made with nothing but an idea that I am not enough….” ~ Chloe Frayne

During this month it is important to remember that oftentimes a seemingly positive or longed for change can be just a challenging as unwanted change, as it forces us beyond our comfort zones and calls us to die to the small self. The lesson of Jupiter is to believe ourselves worthy enough to courageously accept the bounty that is bestowed upon us.

Uranus the Storm Bringer changes direction just 24 Hours after Jupiter, as She begins Her own retrograde sojourn. With the concentrated energy of these two cosmic titans simultaneously reverberating through the collective, many insights, lighten bolts of inspiration and ‘downloads’ can pour in, as we catch glimpses of our future reality. Uranus in Taurus asks, what old concepts around prosperity, embodiment and sacred sexuality do you need to liberate yourself from in order to be able to move forward? Her chaotic energy brings unexpected shifts and revelations that jolt us out of any ruts we have unconsciously become stuck in.

“Now in my heart I see clearly, a beautiful face shining back on me, stained with love…..” ~ Sappho

Venus/Inanna, now in Her underworld phase as She prepares to transition to Evening Star in September, makes Her Superior Conjunction with Sol in Leo on the 14th of August. This energy has the potential to light up the shadowy spaces of our heart with the luminescence of the Solar Goddess, showing us where we are hold back from expressing our true, unique soul essence with the world. Let us enter the Rose Gateway of Soul Sovereignty and bravely reclaim our power to give and receive love. Can we see the beloved within ourselves? Can we feel divinity living and breathing within us?

Last time Venus and Sol merged together was during Her alchemical October/November 2018 retrograde in Scorpio. We may see echoes of the themes of this period rising up to be healed during this time.

On the 15th of August, the Aquarius Full Moon rises in the skies in opposition to Lady Venus and Sol, offering us some much needed clarity and perspective. Lady Luna in the sign of the water bearer asks us, what good is the activation of your creative talents and gifts if you do not use them in service to the healing of the collective? She reminds us that we are but one thread in the web of fate, individual yet not separate. We are a conduit between source and earth, truly our creative genius does not come from us, but through us. This Lunation highlights the places we may have become arrogant or prideful, or have been seeking external validation rather than giving ourselves the love and approval we require.

Mercury also leaves Her retrograde Shadow today, once more squaring Uranus the ruler of the Full Moon and creating a trine to Chiron bringing closure to lessons we have been learning around the communication of emotional truth since the 8th of July. Are you now more open to expressing your authentic self with the world? How has your relationship to your creative inner child transformed? What soul passions have you reclaimed/reawakened? What have learnt about nurturing your dreams with love and compassion?

On the 18th of August, Mars the Warrior enters the sign of Virgo, where He is swiftly joined by Venus on the 21st. Mars and Venus in Virgo carry the Archetypes of the Priestess and Priest, the sacred vessels through which the divine is made manifest upon earth. They will merge together in a conjunction the 24th of August, coming together in the Heiros Gamos, the Holy Union of the Feminine and Masculine.

It is time to sanctify and reconsecrate the relationship with the beloved within and without as a new 2 year relationship cycle begins. Many new connections are likely to form this month.

Sol also enters the sign of the Virgin on the 23rd of August, followed by Mercury, who enter Her home sign on the 29th. On the 30th of August, the bounteous Virgo New Moon rises in the skies. At this time will have an unprecedented conjunction of 5 planets in the sign of the Grain Mother, blessing us with a powerful opportunity to set intentions for the final quarter of 2019. We may ask, How can we more deeply dedicate ourselves to our sacred work? How I can offer myself more fully in service? How can I bring the spiritual into the mundane, so that every act becomes a ritual of devotion?

It is now time to anchor the shifts that happened during the Eclipse Season/Lions Gate portal as we begin to integrate the changes that have happened into our day-to-day reality and routines. What needs to be restructured or reorganized so that you can utilise your time and energy in more practical and efficient ways? Virgo season calls us to detoxify, declutter and purify our minds, bodies and souls as we head to the Equinox Point, and the Darkening of the Year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Art ~ ‘Lunar Lioness’ by Maquenda on Deviant art

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