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~ August Astrology ~

~ Liberation of The Lionheart ~

Eartha is now ripening to fullness as we celebrate the festival of Lammas. The golden abundance of Her body is appearing all around us. Wheat grows tall in the fields, juicy apples are hanging heavy on the branches of the trees. We practice gratitude and generosity as we remember the bounteous nature of the Great Goddess.

“You cannot buy the revolution. You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit or it is nowhere.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

We enter the month with a jolt of awakening, as the Aquarius Full Moon rises in square to Urania, its own ruler on the 3rd of August. This is a Lunation of Soul Liberation, calling us to break free from the oppressive social restrictions and ideologies we have been dealing with throughout 2020. Aquarius, the cosmic rebel calls us to walk our own pathway, free from the projections of the outer matrix. Can we love ourselves enough to be truly authentic in our expression of self, without needing approval from others?

Urania in Taurus is calling for a complete revolution in the way we cultivate and use our resources. She invites us reawaken our love and respect for the beauty and bounty of the Great Earth Mother. This is Full Moon of illumination, awakening and truth as lighting bolts of inspiration invite us to detach from drama and personal ego issues so we may work together for the good of the collective.

Mercury in Cancer will also be sitting in opposition to Saturn and Pluto at the time of this Lunation, reminding us that when we free ourselves, we also free our ancestral lineage.

On the 4th of August, Mercury enters Leo and begins to square Urania and trine Chiron in Aries. How can we use the power of our individual voice to heal and awaken? Are we courageous enough to roar like the Lioness and speak up for what we believe in our hearts to be true?

Also today, Mars the Warrioress, now in Her retrograde shadow in Her home sign of Aries makes Her first square of Her cycle to Jupiter/Hera in Capricorn. She will also challenge Pluto, the Dark Mother on the 13th and Saturn on the 23rd of August. During Her 6-month long journey in the sign of the Ram, Mars will be repeating each of these alignments thought September to December. This Month gives a foreshadowing of what is to come. It is time for us all to begin looking out our relationship to freedom, independence and our own personal power/will.

Collectively and personally we will be called to channel the rage and frustration that may arise during this period into positive, life affirming action. This is an explosive, inflammatory energy that fuels conflict and provokes uprising. Can we find ways to stay in the centre of peace as we, as a global family move through this portal of rebirth? Check the Aries and Capricorn houses of your chart to understand the personal implications of this transit.

Flirtatious Venus in Gemini, now out of Her retrograde Shadow conjoins with the North Node on august the 5th. New alliances and opportunities to connect and co-create are beginning to emerge as a result of inner work we undertook during Her visit into the underworld. How can you open your heart and mind to the new today?

Venus dives into the Cancerian ocean just two days later on the 7th of August. Venus in cancer calls us home to our hearts. She is the great nurturer, the compassionate Mother who invites us to rest in Her watery womb, be soothed and open receive the unconditional love She offers. She is Mystic MerQueen of the depths, calling us to dive into our subconscious and recover the lost treasures of our soul.

The annual ‘Lions Gate’ portal reaches its peak on the 8th of August as Sirius, the Blue Star of Sothis/Isis can be seen rising in the east with our Solar Queen in the early morning skies. To the ancient peoples, the appearance of Sothis was the beginning of a new cycle, a time of receiving spiritual and physical sustenance from the Great Mother, as the waters of the River Nile rose to cover the land nourishing the crops, and ensuring a bountiful harvest. It is a time of remembering our starry origins and reconnecting with our divine essence.

Urania, the Storm Goddess stations retrograde in Taurus on the 15th of August. As She changes direction, we are likely to experience an activation of our higher minds as lighting bolts of inspiration strike and downloads pour in. this can be a time of revelation, particularly in the Taurean areas of values, finances, and self-worth. Urania in Taurus teaches us that security is an illusion. That the things we take for granted as being solid or stable can crumble in an instant. Uranus will station direct on the 14th of January 2021.

“There is more to living than merely staying alive. We are here to live life, not just survive life.” ~ Charles Eisenstein

The Leo New Moon rises on the 18th of August, creating a fiery trine to Mars in Aries and sitting in conjunction with Mercuria the Messenger. Leo, the fierce She Lion calls us to reclaim our connection to what truly ignites our passion and brings us joy. She calls us to boldly embody self-love, confidence and our sacred shakti essence. She reminds us of the nature of our own unique creative self-expression. Even during these times of chaos, we can all make the sovereign choice to retain our connection to our sensual, playful selves.

As we radiate our light into the world, we inspire others to do the same. What makes you feel grateful to be alive? How can you reconnect with your desires and spontaneity?

On the 19th of August, Mercuria heads into Virgo, one of Her home signs. Our mental processes now become more logical and productive. Sol also crosses the threshold into the sign of the Grain Mother on the 22nd of August.

Virgo season comes as Summer gives way to Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a time of culmination and integration as we prepare to descend into the darker half of the year. Virgo calls us to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff.’ She helps us to decide what is the most efficient and productive use of our precious time and energy, inviting us to draw boundaries and use discernment. She, as the celestial Priestess reminds us of the power of discipline and focus, asking us what are we devoted to? How can we be more of service?

She brings our attention to our physical health and wellbeing, showing us where we need to purify in order to become a clearer vessel. How can we use this time to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for what is to come as we head towards the Mars retrograde and another extremely intense astrological period? It’s a good practice to create daily rituals which support you in strengthening your body and spirit.

On the 25th Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus giving us an opportunity to anchor our inspirations. During the final days of August, Lady Venus will oppose Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in the final degrees of Capricorn. Themes that we worked with during June and Julys powerful eclipse season may come up to be worked with once more. How can we balance the needs of our inner world with the demands of the outer? Can we recognise that spending time nourishing our connections with ourselves and our tribe is just as valuable and productive as the energy we spend building our accomplishments in the world of work? Venus will blaze into Leo on the 6th of September.

Lammas Blessings!

Art ~ ‘Lunar Lioness’ by Maquenda on Deviant art

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