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~ December Astrology ~

And so, we head towards the much-anticipated Winter Solstice of 2020. The last of the Autumn leaves have fallen to the cold hard Earth, all is stripped back to the bare bones, revealing the fundamental structures of reality. The night skies are cold and clear, allowing us to watch the constellations glitter against a backdrop of midnight velvet, offering a reminder that we are all made of StarDust…..

We enter the final month of the year in the midst of Eclipse season, the liminal space in which all things are subject to the whim of fate, and we are asked to change direction at a moments notice. In this dark void we are called into deep stillness and surrender, to rest unknowing as a new vision slowly begins to take shape.

On the 1st of December, Mercuria follows Sol into the sign of the Archeress further igniting our search for truth and meaning. Mercuria in Sagittarius favours blunt and direct communication, which may need to be tempered with compassion and wisdom as we begin to feel the need to assert and defend our political, spiritual and religious views ever more fervently.

Venus in Scorpio makes a watery trine to Neptunia in Pisces on the 6th of December, offering a moment of soul healing and connection to the divine. Can we hold compassion in our hearts for the old hurts and wounds we cling to as a form of self-protection? Can we trust our intuition and psychic vision to lead us towards our hearts desires?

The second Eclipse of the season falls on the 14th of December in Sagittarius. This is a New Moon Solar Eclipse falling on the South Node of release reminding us that we must let go of old ideologies, perspectives and spiritual teachings if we wish to move forward into deeper levels of gnosis. What was once our pathway of purpose may no longer resonate as we shift into the New Age of Aquarius, the Stellar Queen. What once held profound truth and meaning may now be holding us back. Our old ways of working, manifesting and healing are becoming obsolete.

With the South Node in Sagittarius, whatever we thought we knew, we must unknow. We must become comfortable with discovering a new truth in every moment.

With Neptunia in Pisces also sitting in square to this Lunation, chaos and confusion abound as the propaganda machines go into overdrive. It maybe come increasingly hard to decipher what is real and what is illusion. We may become a tempted to over-indulge in toxic substances as we seek to numb ourselves to what is being uncovered personally and globally.

Just over 24 hours later on the 15th, Venus also heads into Sagittarius. Here the Lover becomes the Amazon as she picks up Her crescent MoonBow and Arrows of truth. She is on the hunt for connections that stimulate her spiritual growth and simultaneously allow Her the freedom she craves. She is the wild one who will not be tied down, trusting that what is happening in the moment is in alignment with Her souls highest pathway.

An hour after, also on December 15th, Chiron the Shamanka stations direct after 5 long months of moving in retrograde motion in Aries. As a planet changes direction its energy strongly permeates the collective consciousness. Chironic energy invites us to examine to core wounds of our soul and psyche, calling us to look deeply at where we are giving our power away. In Aries, Chiron is the Sacred Warrioress who leads us inwards to reclaim our authentic truth, self-identity and sexuality. She tells us, you can no longer believe in the dream of your own unworthiness. It is time to let go of self-sacrifice, self-sabotage and the projections of others. Who are you becoming?

Saturnia the cosmic taskmaster finally finishes Her stay in Capricorn on the 17th as She heads into Aquarius, closely followed by Jupiter on the 19th. They will come together in their epochal conjunction on the 21st of December, the Winter Solstice.

Known as the ‘Great Chronocation’ this conjunction marks a pivotal shift in the Jupiter/Saturn Cycle. Since 1802, these Celestial Giantesses have been meeting every 20 years in Earth signs. 2020’s Solstice alignment is the first time in 200 years that they will come together in the Air Element. Many mystics and astrologers believe that this conjunction is the beginning of our transition into the Aquarian Age. We must be aware that this transformation will not happen instantaneously. The Turning of the Ages takes time, yet glimmers of hope for the future are starting to appear.

Aquarius the Grail Bearer signifies that we are leaving behind the energies of capitalism, hierarchy and domination and moving towards community, co-creation and equality. We are remembering our place in the great web of life, as individual but not separate from the whole. The uprisings and demands for a fairer society we have seen this year are likely to increase as people come together in revolution and resistance to the control systems of the old order.

On a personal level, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturnia asks us to spend time cultivating our visions and dreams for the future, ensuring we take steps to ground them into reality. It is time to step into the void of Star Fire and embrace the new, instead of attempting to cling to what was.

When you imagine to the most liberated, expansive version of your life, what do you see? What makes you feel free? How can you be innovative and access your unique genius? How are your creations serving the evolution of the collective?

Sol crosses the Galactic centre, the Great Cosmic Womb on the 19th, before entering Capricorn on the 21st. As Sol stands still on the darkest day of the year, we to are invited to slow down, and reflect on the journey we have taken this year. Capricornia, the Ancient Crone Goddess asks us to examine the foundations of our lives to see what can be built upon and what needs to be discarded as we prepare to seed our dreams of the future. With Mercuria also I the sign of the SeaGoat at this time, long term, practical thinking is encouraged.

Sol and Mercuria will be in Square to Chiron during the height of the festive period, giving us an opportunity to reclaim our sovereignty. We do not have to follow old traditions or spend time with those who do not honour and respect our boundaries. We must recognise that we are the only authority in our reality.

Mars in Aries collides with Eris, Goddess of Discord and challenges Pluto the Dark Mother for the final time on the 23rd of December. What began in mid August as Mars entered Her retrograde shadow is now reaching completion. Dark desires, intense feelings, ruthless power grabs and disruption may arise in the collective. When channelled with awareness, Mars/Pluto gives us the determination and will power we need to accomplish any task.

“If you think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” ~ Ram Dass

The final Full Moon of 2020 illuminates the skies in the early hours of December the 30th. With Lady Luna in Her home sign of Cancer, we have an opportunity to cleanse our heart and soul of the emotional debris of the year. Soft, sensitive and nurturing this Lunation calls us to attend to the needs of our inner child. It is no coincidence that the annual Cancerian Full Moon falls during the time of year that we are most likely to be spending time with our families, making it a triggering period for many.

This year, Chiron in Aries challenges the Cancer Moon, making it ever more tender. Old memories and generational wounds may surface, calling us into deep inner healing work. Even if we have been rejected by those who are supposed to care for us, we must not abandon the self. Our worth is not defined by the projections placed upon us in our early years.

Let us take this moment to turn within, and honour all that we lost and learned during the previous 12 months. Let us choose to use this moment to create ceremony with ourselves, and our ancestors whose love is the reason we are here. From this space of reverence, we are able to step across the threshold into a new dawn with humility and grace.

Yule Blessings!

Art by Wendy Andrews

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