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~ Eclipse Season ~

And so, the Blood Moon rises, as the Lunar Goddess enters the Golden Temple of Sol.....

The reverberations of todays Full Wolf Moon Eclipse in the sign of Leo will echo throughout the cosmos over the coming weeks and months, asking us to step into our true soul sovereignity.

This is final the Eclipse that will fall upon the Leo/Aquarius Axis we have been working with since 2017, bringing culmination to ongoing lessons around courageously stepping into our full power, and using our gifts and talents in service to the evolution of the whole.

The Leo Goddess is the embodiment of the frequency of Fierce Self Love. This Moon asks us to look deeply at any feelings of unworthiness or lack we are holding onto, that maybe holding us back from receiving the support and abundance we need in order to manifest our desires and path of purpose. She awakens the flame of creativity within our hearts and asks us to believe in ourselves, and what we have to offer. She invites us to let go of our poverty wounds and trust in our ability to create a life of alignment and authenticity.

As the old structures that we used to depend on continue to fall, the strong Leo/Capricorn emphasis reminds us that we are the Queen/King of our own realms. It is up to us to call back our power and rebuild our world.

The current Mars/Saturn square asks if we are truly ready to empower ourselves to let go of blame, and take full responsibility for being the authority of our own life? To let go of procrastination and begin to take action? Perhaps our obssesion with working on ourselves is a delay tactic, designed to keep us safe and small?

Remember, corrupt systems that force us to conform depend on us believing that we need them. Centuries of servitude have made us believe that we would not survive without them. They make us doubt our value and worth, teaching the lie that we can never be truly self-sufficient. Now is the time to liberate ourselves from these collective imprints and start to revolutionise our lives. Only you can give yourself the permission you need to be free.

With Pluto and Mercury still tightly conjunct at the time of this Full Moon this is a potent time to look at the underlying belief systems and karmic patterns that tell us we are not ready, or not enough as we are. Perhaps we need to redefine worthiness means to us. By who's opinion are we still defining our desirablity, beauty and worth? For many of us, programming from the media and early childhood are still running in these areas.

This is a Lunation of profound heart opening and rapid acceleration of purpose. Over the coming cycle a portal of potential will open, that will see us finally begining to move forward again after the long period of retrogrades, followed by the uncertainty of Eclipse season.

We stand at the treshold of change, as the universe conspires to bring us togther with the connections and opportunities we have been longing for. It is time to reignite our courageous Lion Heart and welcome new love, life, inspiration and growth.

Eclipse Blessings

Art by Jasmine Jefferys

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