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~ February Astrology, 2020 ~

Slowly and gently, the Great Mother begins to awaken from her winter slumber. The first tender, green shoots of new life are unfurling, pushing their way up through the frost-covered ground, heralding the arrival of spring….

On the 1stof February, we celebrate the Celtic festival of Imbolc. At this time of year, we honour the arrival of the Maiden Goddess, calling to Her to spark the flame of renewal in our hearts as we start to shed the darkness of the Winter season and head towards rebirth. The first few weeks of February offer us a much-needed period of clarity and vision. With all planets moving direct as we enter the month, we are invited to seed our intentions for the coming year, knowing they will grow and reach fruition as the great wheel turns.

Mercury enters her retrograde shadow at 28 degrees of Aquarius on the 2nd of February, before gliding into Pisces on the 3rd. Take note of the themes that are rising in your life at this time, they will require realignment as we journey towards the Equinox point.

Venus/Inanna drifts from the dream world of Pisces, into the Aries fires of renewal on the 7th of February. Aphrodite meets Ares and the flames of passion are reignited. Venus in Aries is the Warrior Queen, teaching us how to courageously chase our hearts desires. She stirs a lust for life itself within us, bringing fresh inspiration, as She enlivens our senses after months of dullness and darkness. As she journeys through the sign of the Ram over the coming 4 weeks, Venus will challenge Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, reminding us that our excitement to initiate the new must be balanced with discipline, focus and commitment if we wish to anchor our dreams into reality. Venus will enter Taurus, her home sign on the 4th of March.

On the 9thof February, a fierce, feline Leo Full Moon comes to burn away the lingering shadows of the Crone’s season. The Kundalini fire at the base of our spines begins to arise as Leo calls us to reclaim to power of the joyful inner child, reminding us of the importance of pleasure and playfulness. Mars in Sagittarius will sit in a harmonious trine aspect to the Full Moon, inviting us to remember our sacred purpose and align with what is authentically true for us.

Leo energy teaches the importance of creative self-expression as a tool for emotional release and healing. The Leonine essence reminds us that through our creations, we come to know ourselves. The shadow of Leo calls us to seek love and approval outside of ourselves, instead of finding it within. Where are you still giving your power away by measuring your self-worth by others achievements and opinions?

At the time of this Lunation, Venus will collide with Chiron the Shaman in Aries, calling us to examine where the deep wounds of our soul have created the belief we are unworthy or less than in some way. We may also become aware of needing to peel back the layers of old relational or sexual traumas and this time as we work towards embodying our most sovereign and whole selves.

Lady Venus squares the Nodes of fate and destiny on the 14th of February, inviting us to consider which relationships nourish us, and which we are clinging to from a space of fear, or from survival issues.

On the 16thof February, Mars joins Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in grounded Capricorn, bringing us back down to earth! Here, the tempestuous fire of Mars needs to be tempered with the wisdom of the Ancient SeaGoat.

The Warrioress in the sign of the Architect directs our energy back towards solidifying the structures of our lives. What template are you currently anchoring? Is it truly in alignment with your personal code of integrity? As Mars enters Capricorn, She will trine Uranus in Taurus and square Chiron in Aries, inviting us to upgrade our abundance consciousness and reclaim our power to manifest our visions. Mars will travel through Capricorn until the 30th of March.

Mercury the Messenger stations retrograde at 12 degrees of Pisces on the 17th of February, bringing closure to our all planets direct window. Changing direction in conjunction with Neptunia, this retrograde period pulls us into the mists of confusion and illusion, where nothing is at it truly seems. We must surrender our desire to understand and control, and be prepared to turn deep within to purify and simplify as we approach the Equinox point and the Astrological New year.

Mercury will trine the North Node of evolution in Cancer 3 times during Her retrograde journey, indicating the deep cellular releasing work we engage in will ultimately realign us towards our purpose.

Sol joins Mercury in the sign of the Celestial Fish Mother on the 18th of February. Pisces season is a time of dissolution and cleansing, as we wash away to psychic remnants of the previous cycle so that we can move into the new. Old attachments, emotions and addictive patterns may rise as we are invited to detoxify our minds, bodies and souls. Sensitivity and intuitive abilities are heightened as we wander between the worlds, unravelling the threads of karma.

In particular, The Pisces retrograde cycle will call us to examine where we are avoiding facing reality by indulging in addictive/toxic behaviours, or engaging in victim/martyr/saviour patterns in our relationships.

The Pisces New Moon rises on the 23rd of February, with retrograde Mercury close by. Sitting in trine to the North Node in Cancer, the soothing frequency of this watery Lunation reminds us that we heal through self-compassion and forgiveness. We cannot self-flagellate our way to wholeness. It is only through radical acceptance and surrender that we are able to find the peace we are longing for. What do you love yourself enough to let go of?

With Venus in Aries square Jupiter the ancient ruler of Pisces, and Mars conjunct the South Node in Capricorn at the time of the New Moon, we are invited to look beyond our worldly ambitions and achievements and towards the everlasting nature of our soul. The only things we can take with us into the next life are our ability to love and the spiritual wisdom we accumulate. Let us not define our worth by the material or temporal, but by that which is eternal.

We reach the heart of the Mercury Retrograde on the 26th of February as the Messenger Goddess Joins with Sol at 6 degrees of Pisces, bringing us clarity around the lessons we have been working with since the 16th of February. It is time to reflect upon what still needs to be faced, integrated and transformed as we move into the second half of the retrograde journey. Mercury will station direct on the 10th of March in the final degrees of Aquarius.

The energies of the month come to a completion with a Square between Venus the Lover, and Pluto the Dark Mother in Capricorn. What needs to transform in our relationships with ourselves and others as we head towards the lighter half of the year? What are we passionate about changing in our world? As we head into March, Saturn and Mars will simultaneously move into the sign of Aquarius the humanitarian inviting us all to stand together in Sacred Activism.

Imbolc Blessings!

Art by Eva Ruiz

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