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~ June Astrology 2021 ~

And so, the build up to Solstice begins! Bees and Butterflies flit from bloom to blossom gathering nectar. The days are honey kissed and golden as Sol edges towards Her maximum radiance. Clear night skies reveal the patterns of constellations sparkling above us, reminding us of our celestial origins, calling us to remember who we are…..

We begin the month in the midst of Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde. Things are continuously shifting and changing, yet the way forward seems foggy and confusing. Multiple options and pathways unfold, but which is the right one to take? Every truth that is revealed uncovers another hidden agenda, calling us to dive ever deeper into our own heart’s truth.

On the 2nd of June Venus enters Cancer, inviting us to reconnect with our emotions and intuition. Venus in Cancer sings to us the song of our souls’ lineage, and sacred history reconnecting us with our family and tribe. She asks us, what kind of world to we wish to leave for the next generation? How can we nurture the ancestors of the future?

“Who I am is always changing, not because I am being fake, but because I am always open to growth and transformation.” ~ Yung Pueblo

The Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse electrifies the skies on the 10th of June. This will be our final Gemini eclipse of the current cycle. The Gemini North Node is calling us to expand beyond our limited perceptions of reality, to realign our lives in accordance with the New Earth we are now living in. She asks us, how can we adapt and remain flexible mentally and emotionally as we live through this turning of the ages? Can we reach for a new vision? Can we redefine the limited concepts that keep us repeating the same mental loops?

Mercury retrograde will be tightly conjunct Sol and Luna at the time of the Eclipse, indicating that we will have to revisit the past in order to rescript our lives. Old connections and memories resurface so that we can purify our hearts and minds of any residual attachments. We must journey into the labyrinth of our own soul, reweaving the threads of fate and destiny. How can we distinguish the past from the future, so we can create from a brand-new place instead of recycling old methods that no longer work?

Neptunia in Pisces continues to play a key role in this month’s astrological shifts. She sits in square to this potent Eclipse, continuing the themes of surrender and releasing the desire to know, control or predict the future.

During this period, it is incredibly important that we practice discernment and cultivate strong psychic and emotional boundaries. We may reflect on ~ How easily are my perceptions swayed by outside influences, media and opinions? How can I become immune to interferences/manipulations and reclaim mental freedom?

Mars the warrioress enters Leo on the 11th of June, after Her long immersion in the Cancerian ocean. Here, in the sign of the She-Lion, Mars is Sekhmet, fierce and radiant. She is the protectress, the sensual creatrix birthing Her unique gifts into the world. She asks us to defend what is dear to us, to take courageous action to reclaim our sovereign power, take leadership of our own lives and act upon our desires. Mars in Leo can also be prideful, stubborn and incredibly self-focussed.

On the 14th of June we will experience the second Saturnia/Urania square of 2021. Themes that came up in mid-February begin to resurface as the bifurcation of reality continues. Choices made now collectively and personally will have long reaching consequences as we reach a karmic choice point. Tension between freedom and restriction once again reaches its peak as we seek to liberate ourselves from old societal constructs that promote injustice and inequality. Will humanity continue to fall into division and repeat old timelines, or will we evolve into a new way of being?

On the 20th of June, Jupiter stations retrograde in the early degrees of Pisces, just as Sol crosses through the Silver Gateway into the Lunar Temple of Cancer. The Solar Queen has now reached the peak of Her powers. From this moment on, the hours of light will now slowly and steadily start to decrease until we once again find ourselves descending into Autumn.

Neptunia is also stationary in Pisces at this time, ready to begin Her own retrograde sojourn on the 25th. Amidst all of the outer turbulence and ideas of right and wrong, this fluid, oceanic energy leads us back into our hearts. We bath in the mystical womb waters of compassion, drinking deeply from the chalice of mercy and healing. We are highly sensitized, empathic and spiritually attuned during this period. We start to understand we can be simultaneously rooted in our own truth, whilst still honouring our oneness.

On the 22nd of June, Mercuria stations direct at 16 degrees of Gemini. We can now begin to integrate the revelations and inspirations that we had during the eclipse cycle. What old connections, memories and programs did you release? What new ideas and projects are ready to progress with? Has new information been revealed that has forced you to move into new ways of thinking, creating and working? How can you embody your new understandings? Mercuria will square Neptunia for the final time as She leaves Her shadow on the 7th of July, brining closure to this cycle. What has been hidden becomes clear again, as the scales of illusion fall from our eyes.

On the 24th of June, the Strawberry Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn the SeaGoat, brings us some much-needed grounding and structure. Although this Solstice Lunation is typically a time of release and celebration, there is a serious element to this Full Moon, which invites us to take responsibility for ourselves and act with integrity. The Cancer/Capricorn axis reminds us of what we need to feel safe and secure, to find balance between our simultaneous human needs for rest and replenishment, and the discipline to fulfil our souls’ ambitions.

Lady Venus will sit in opposition to Pluto as the Full Moon rises, illuminating the secret desires and longings of our hearts, drawing out deeply buried emotions and grief. The Lover Goddess leaves the deep waters of Cancer and joins Mars in brilliant warmth of Leo on the 27th of June, ending this incredibly intense month on a note of joy, with an invitation to indulge in some sacred self-love rituals.

Art by Francene Hart

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