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~ March 2020 Astrology ~

And so, the Great Silver Spiral spins once more, and we find ourselves heading towards the Astrological New Year. The hours of light and dark are slowly coming back into balance as Gaia awakens from Her winter slumber. Bright yellow daffodils are shooting up through the greening body of Mother Earth, as the first cherry blossoms appear on the trees. Baby lambs and chicks are being birthed and the air buzzes with the energy of new beginnings……

We enter the March in the midst of Pisces season, with Mercury is still retrograde in the sign of the celestial fish mother creating a sense of fogginess and confusion in the early part of the month. Although we may feel an urge to move forward, the cosmos invites us to continue to practice the art of surrender and stillness for a little while longer. All may not be as it seems at this time. A fresh visions and inspirations will emerge as we approach the Equinox point.

Venus in Aries creates a challenging square to Saturn in the final degrees of Capricorn on March the 3rd. This energy invites us to temper our enthusiasm with wisdom. Impulsive Venus in Aries desires to initiate new relationships and experiences, Saturn cautions us to ensure that what we are setting into motion is truly in alignment with our values and personal sense of integrity.

On the 4thof March, Retrograde Mercury backtracks into Aquarius, where She entered Her retrograde shadow on the 2nd of February. A moment of clarity washes over us as the great cosmic overview is revealed. We now clearly see where we have been caught up the Piscean mists of illusion and are able to liberate ourselves from any self-sabotaging belief systems.

Also today, Venus/Inanna enters Her domicile of Taurus. Her the Lover Goddess becomes the embodiment of all that is beautiful, bountiful and pleasurable. Venus in Taurus is the Earth Empress, inviting us to indulge our physical senses and breathe in the lushness of life.

She is the Great Receiver, teaching us how to open to the delights that being incarnated in a human body offers us. She is luxury and decadence personified. As She enters Taurus, Venus will collide with Uranus in the early degrees of the sign of the Cow Mother. This alignment supports us in liberating ourselves from any old, stagnant patterns that prevent us from embracing abundance, sensuality and ecstasy into our lives.

On the 10thof March the Virgo Full Moon rises in the twilight skies on opposition to Sol and Mercury in Pisces. This lunation is one of deep soul cleansing and purification on every level of our being as the Pisces vibration invites us to clear our emotional and astral bodies, and Lady Luna in the sign of the celestial Virgin reminds us of the importance of detoxifying our bodies and surroundings as we prepare for rebirth at the Equinox. The Virgo/Pisces axis makes us very aware of how and where we are leaking our energy and life force, encouraging healthy boundaries and discernment.

After weeks of floating through the Pisces ocean of dreams, this Lunation brings us back down to earth. Virgo, of all signs reminds us of the importance of being a clear vessel for the energy of spirit to move through us into physical form. She teaches us the importance of discipline and order. She is deeply devoted to serving in practical ways, reminding us of the importance of taking care of the earthly details that support the manifestation of our desires.

Mercury Stations direct at just hours after the Full Moon energy peaks, giving us another window of all planets moving direct until Pluto changes direction on the 25th of April. Mercury re-enters Pisces on the 16thof March, calling us to integrate the realisations we have received during Her underworld journey. She will leave her retrograde shadow on the 30thof March.

On the 20thof March, Sol enters Aries, initiating the Spring Equinox ad the beginning of the Astrological New Year! Here in the northern Hemisphere, the flames of rebirth begin burn brightly within us as the hours of light grow longer from this point forward. Vitality and life force begin to rise as we embrace the frequency of new growth.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox initiates the descent into the dark half of the year, the time of shedding and shadows.

As we crosses this powerful threshold of change, Mars the Warrioress, ruler of Aries will make transformational conjunctions with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. During this period we will be examining our personal relationship to how we use our power, as we looking at what subconsciously motivates our desires and fuels obsession, anger or fear within us.

As Mars, Jupiter and Pluto align we are likely to witness deeper levels of corruption and abuse being exposed on a global level. There is a potential for dramatic, impulsive actions from those who are desperately trying to cling to their positions of power and status. Themes that were initiated in January may arise again, as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction degree is reactivated.

On the 22ndof March, we experience one of the most exciting astrological events of the year as Saturn leaves Capricorn and heads into Aquarius for the first time since 1991. With the Mystress of Fate and Karma now in the sign of the sacred rebel, it is time for us to collectively reweave the threads of evolution for our human family. Aquarius calls us to come together, connect with our soul tribe and recognise that no matter what our perceived differences may be we are all equal. This is a time of building community, of envisioning an exciting new future reality both personally and globally. Light codes of revelation pour down upon us, asking us to rewire and upgrade.

The strong activation of the Aquarian frequency over the coming years will call us to come together as a global community and begin to demand change from the corrupt institutions and systems of oppression that benefit from our silence and compliance. The old matrix is collapsing and the revolution is coming!

Saturn will re-enter Capricorn on the 2nd of July, inviting us to spend a final 5 months reflecting on the lessons of the SeaGoat before heading back into Aquarius on December 17th. Jupiter will join Saturn at Zero degrees of the sign of the Water Bearer on the Winter Solstice 2020 creating an unstoppable wave of energy that initiates us into the Aquarian Age.

As the consequences of the these consciousness shaking shifts ripple out through the cosmos, Lady Luna renews Herself in the sign of Aries on the 24th of March. This is the first New Moon of the brand new Astrological cycle, inviting us to take action on the projects and visions we wish to set into motion.

This Lunation sits in tight conjunction with Chiron the Shaman, indicating that this will be a time of investigating and healing our wounds of powerlessness and unworthiness. A square to the Nodes of fate and destiny reminds us that rebirthing ourselves can a painful process. Stepping into the new is an act of courage that calls us to embrace our raw, tender vulnerability. Even longed for change may bring a sense of loss as we grieve for our old, familiar ways of being and the self we used to be. Like a germinating seed bursting through its shell, we must push forward and reach towards the light however exquisite the pain of exposure feels. Choices and decisions made at this time may have a karmic quality to them as we strip away layers of old conditioning and come home to the truth of our soul.

We end the month with a series of grounding trines between Venus in the late degrees of Taurus and Pluto/Jupiter/Mars in Capricorn. How can we come back into the body and anchor the changes that we have undergone? Can we sink into the present moment and reconnect with joy of life, just for now?

Mars will leave Capricorn and join Saturn at zero degrees Aquarius on the 30th of March, further amplifying our drive towards liberation and freedom for all as we head into April!

Ostara Blessings

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

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