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~ May Astrology 2019 ~

And so we find ourselves heading into May, the month of blossoming. The fecund Earth Mother is in full bloom as all of life begins to pollinate and fertilize around us.

“I want to live so densely, lush and slow in the next few years, that a year becomes 10 years, and the past becomes only a page in the book of life.” ~ Nayyirah Waheed

One by one, the Planets begin to make their way through the steady, grounded sign of Taurus, encouraging to slow down, come into the now and nurture our bodies and souls after a period of chaotic and confusing astrology. We are offered a moment of respite to reconnect what is truly valuable and meaningful to us, to remake our life as a living work of art. Taurus teaches us to make love to life with every moment.

With Uranus still sitting in the early degrees of the Cow Mother, we may find ourselves being liberated from old, entrenched ways of being that are keeping us secure yet stagnant. Uranus in Taurus asks us to envision new ways of generating wealth and prosperity that are in alignment with our souls own unique truths. To use our gifts, talents and resources in ways that help to co-create a more sustainable future for all.

Uranus in Taurus tells us that the New Paradigm is no longer a concept, but a way of being that must be integrated and embodied on a moment-by-moment basis.

The Taurus New Moon rises in the skies on the 4th of May. This lavish Lunation invites us to plant the seeds of New Beginnings in the areas of abundance, love and sacred self-worth. Unhindered by challenging aspects and in loose trine to Lady Saturn and Dark Mother Pluto in Capricorn, this beautiful, bounteous Moon in the sign of the celestial Bull asks us to root our dreams and visions in the fertile body of Gaia, so that they may ripen to harvest as the wheel of the year turns.

The ruler of this New Moon is Venus the Love Goddess in Aries, bringing into focus the Beltane season themes of lust, desire and embodied sensuality. The Taurus New moon asks what brings me pleasure and how can I cultivate more of it in my world? How open am I to receiving wealth, nourishment and intimacy? Do I truly believe I deserve to live a prosperous life? Do I feel truly valued and appreciated for the time and energy I offer in my work and relationships?

Mercury the Messenger Goddess enters Taurus on the 6th of May, encouraging us to begin to ground the fresh inspirations and ideas we received during Her journey through Aries. Mercury in Taurus asks ~ how can I practically apply what I have learned over the past few months?

As She crosses the Aries /Taurus threshold, Mercury will crash into Uranus, encouraging us to break free of any limiting mental patterns that are holding us back from realising our truth worth and potential.

On the 7th of May, Venus in Aries challenges Mystress Saturn in Capricorn, as She approaches the North and South Nodes of Fate and Destiny, encouraging us to break free of relationships and obligations that feel stifling to our spirit. This energy offers us a karmic checkpoint that asks us to reassess where, and to whom we are giving our power away. On the 9th of May Venus will also align with Pluto and Eris, taking these lessons to an even deeper level.

May the 15th, sees Lady Venus exit the fiery furnace of Aries and join Sol, Uranus and Mercury in Taurus, Her Home sign. Venus in Taurus is the Earth Empress, inviting us to indulge our physical senses and breathe in the beauty of life. She is the Great Receiver, teaching us how to open to the delights that being incarnated in a human body offers us. She is luxury and decadence personified. She is the soft scent of a ruby red summer rose, the exquisite touch of star light on skin, the taste of the honeyed kiss of a lover, the languid sensation of ecstasy that lingers in body after love making.…..

As She enters Taurus, Venus will also collide with Uranus the Storm Goddess. This energy asks us to redefine our ideas and perceptions around beauty, sexuality and worthiness, continuing this month’s theme of breaking free old conditioning.

Mars also enters the sign Cancer on the 15th of May. With the Cosmic Warrioress in the sign of the Crab, we are much more likely to take things personally, becoming more defensive and emotionally reactive than usual. During this 6 week period we may find ourselves having to face our buried anger and resentments, particularly those related to home and family ties. During Her stay in the Cancerian waters, Mars will oppose Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, making us extra aware of the damage that our archaic patriarchal systems are perpetuating against the Great Mother.

On the 18th of April, we experience our annual Full Moon in the sign of the Scorpion. As Lady Luna reaches Her zenith in the sign of the Dark Goddess, whilst opposing Sol and Mercury in Taurus we are offered an opportunity to transmute the poisons that have been festering within. There is no other sign that hunts Shadows like the Scorpioness.

This Lunation illuminates the parts of ourselves we hide out of shame and fear. Only by honouring and embracing all of our ugly, dirty, damaged parts can we create wholeness. This is a Kali Moon, which reminds us of the eternal cycles of creation and destruction, that we cannot run from or avoid. This is time of profound emotional catharsis and release.

On the 21st of May, Sol and Mercury journey together into the Sign of the Twins. The steady rhythm of Taurus season gives way to the buzzing excitement of Gemini. As we head towards the peak of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are invited to come together to celebrate, connect and communicate. The overall energy becomes light hearted, playful and social. The Quicksilver Gemini Goddess encourages us to open our minds to new knowledge and exciting perspectives, reminding us that we can never really know anything with any certainty. The truth is relative and ever changing……

We close the Month with a square between Chiron in Aries and Mars in Cancer. We may find our childhood wounds are triggered today, as we seek to disentangle our personal pain from our ancestral karma. How can we nurture and comfort the tender, sore parts of ourselves to create healing? How can we empower ourselves to become the karmic code breaker of our ancestral lineage?

Many Blessings <3

Art By ~ Olivia Curry

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In this group, we work with the cycles of the Earth and Cosmic Mother though sharing, discussion and online gatherings. We are just beginning a new cycle of circles with the Taurus New Moon!

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