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~ November Astrology 2019, The Alchemy of Truth ~

The Earth Mother has shed Her golden brown cloak of Autumn leaves, making the land appear bleak, barren and stark. The bare branches of the trees reach up like bony fingers clutching at the steely grey November sky. The nights are long and dark, calling us into the time of rest and hibernation. There is nothing else for us to do but turn within, and rediscover the essence of who we truly are…….

Throughout November, the will planets shift between the dark depths of Scorpio, and the Spiritual fires of Sagittarius, bringing illumination and rebirth of purpose. We are reminded, the more willing we are to look into the shadows of our subconscious, the easier it is for us to realign with our authentic desires.

With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio nearly all month, we have the opportunity to uncover long buried secrets about ourselves and our reality. We may also be especially susceptible to falling into paranoia, suspicion and wounds/fears of betrayal.

As we let go of the falsehoods and projections, we uncover who we truly are at the deepest core of our being. If we are courageous enough to enter the flaming furnace of alchemy and burn away the layers of pain, fear and programming we are able to awaken the Serpent Fire of Soul Truth within…..

Fresh from Her conjunction with stationary Mercury in Scorpio, Lady Venus is the first planet to cross the threshold and enter the blazing light of Sagittarius on the 1st of November. Here, Venus embodies the archetype of the Dakini, freedom loving and playful by nature, She dances through the cosmos seeking higher wisdom and knowledge, reminding us that our spiritual practices are supposed to be fun and liberating!

Venus will align with Chiron in Aries as she changes signs, bring healing insights and a sense of self-empowerment. On the 5th of March, Mars the Warrioress makes her last quarter square with Dark Mother Pluto, heightening the potency of the soul diving work we are already engaged in. Mars/Pluto alignments are ruthless in their uncovering of hidden agendas, making us aware of our obsessive patterns and unconscious motivations.

Sol in Scorpio makes a harmonious trine to Nebulous Neptunia in Pisces on the 8th of November, helping us to soothe any parts of our soul and psyche that are hurting with the medicine of compassion and forgiveness. The Solar Queen will make a Conjunction with Mercury the Messenger on the 11th of November, marking the half way point of the retrograde cycle. This is a time when we will see with clarity that we which needs to be let go of in order for rebirth to occur.

The Taurus Full moon rises on the 12th of November. With the Moon Goddess in the sign of the of the Cow Mother, sitting in opposition to Sol and Mercury who are still travelling close together in the sign of the Scorpion, our attention turns to the resources and relationships that are valuable to us. We begin to examine of our energetic, financial and intimate exchanges with others. Taurus speaks to us of how we feel about our bodies and our sexuality, and how willing we are to open and receive pleasure.

Which relationships and situations are enriching our lives, and which are leaving us feeling insecure or unappreciated? How well we allow ourselves to be loved is a direct reflection of our self-worth. During this time we are likely to be craving soul bearing intimacy with others, nothing superficial will be able to satiate our hunger for connection.

We must go beyond the surface and meet each other in sacred vulnerability, so we may be loved for all of our light and shadow. What are the defence mechanisms that are preventing us from being truly seen? Perhaps we run and hide when things get to personal or intense? Or maybe we fear we will never find a person who can truly meet us the depths of our own longing?

As the Lunar Energies move to completion, Mercury creates a gentle trine to Neptunia in Pisces on the 13th of November, as a wild, untameable Venus in Sagittarius forms a tense square to Her on the 14th. We are reminded that all of spiritual postulating and ideology (Sagittarius) means nothing if it is not coming from a space of unconditional love (Neptune). With Neptunia slowing down in preparation to station direct on the 28th of November, we must be aware of being drawn in by the glamour and illusion of others, particularly those who fashion themselves as teachers or gurus.

We experience one of the most powerful alignments of the year on the 18th of November, as Jupiter crosses the Galactic Centre, the celestial womb of creation, through which all energy is birthed into our galaxy, and through which it will return to source. Situated at 27 degrees Sagittarius, the G.C is a swirling vortex of cosmic energy, a place were the past, present and future merge as one. With Jupiter, planet of expansion, purpose and truth connecting with this portal of rebirth we will be receiving an evolutionary upgrade of epic proportions.

Our energy systems will be recalibrated to allow the authentic expression of the soul to more easily shine through. Look to the Sagittarius house of your birth chart to see which area of your life this acceleration is taking place. Was what true for you, but now no longer resonates? How has your vision for your life grown and changed? Who are you becoming? It is important to only take action on that which is in alignment with your personal sense of integrity as Jupiter prepares to cross the world axis.

The last time Jupiter activated the G.C was December 2007. What themes were playing out in your life around this time? Jupiter will also be finishing up Her year long Journey through Sagittarius this month, as she prepares to join Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn in December. Take note of the visions and inspirations that are pouring through you at this time, the opportunity to ground them into reality will present itself as we move through 2020.

On the 19th of November, Mars enters Her domicile of Scorpio. Here, Mars takes on the Goddess Archetype of the Irish Morrighan, the Battle raven who collects the souls of the slain after war.

The Warrioress is at Her most mesmerizingly magnetic in the sign of the Scorpion, with access to considerable reserves of psychic and emotional stamina. Mars in Scorpio walks the threshold of intensity, seeking out extreme experiences and encounters in order to feel fully alive. She exudes a darkly brooding sexual energy that draws those who are susceptible under her bewitching spell.

Mars in Scorpio can bring up old hurts and rage for expression, showing us where are suppressing our emotions, secret yearnings, passions and compulsions. If we don’t create space for healthy outlets for pent up energies, during this time, we may fall into self-destructive behaviours. Mars remains in Scorpio until the 3rd of January, 2020.

Mercury stations direct at 11 degrees Scorpio on the 20th of November. How have your thought patterns around sexuality, intimacy and financial/ emotional resources changed since the end of October? Have you been willing to see what lies beneath the surface and meet yourself in the darkness? What parts of your soul have you reclaimed? Mercury will leave Her shadow period on the 7th of December and enter Sagittarius on the 9th.

Sol journeys into the Sagittarian phoenix fires of gnosis on the 22nd of November, as Venus joins Jupiter on the Galactic Centre (exact on the 24th). A new sense of faith and optimism fills the air as we slowly crawl out of the Scorpionic underworld, bringing with us the wisdom we gathered during our stay in the black void. We now have perspective and clarity to see our next steps, knowing that all we have let go of has elevated us to a new level of consciousness. A generous, enlightening New Moon rises in the Sign of the Archer on the 26th of November, offering us the opportunity to set our new inspirations into motion.

On the 27th of November, Lady Venus, newly enthroned in Capricorn challenges Chiron in Aries, as ethereal Neptune resumes forward motion in Pisces. With a combination of intoxicating Pisces/Sagittarius energy dominating the cosmos we must ensure that we do not turn to addictive or co-dependant patterns to ease our wounds or sense of low self-worth as we enter the festive season!

November Blessings!

Art By ~ Meluseena

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