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~ November Astrology ~

And so, we enter the season of the Dark Goddess, the time of decay and descent. The skies turn pearly grey as the heavy November rains fall. The fierce winds blow the last of the Autumn leaves fall upon the dying Earth. We light our hearth fires and prepare to turn inwards for the long winter ahead….

We begin the Month with a super New Moon in the sign of the Scorpioness on November the 4th. This Lunation opens the Eclipse portal of alchemy. She invites us to let the old die, reminding us that all things change and transform.

This New Moon reignites the Saturnia/Urania square bringing shocks and seismic activity. We remember that as we shift from one great age to another the Earth Mother also evolves and changes. As the veil thins, and we are called to face our personal and collective shadows people often begin to feel destabilised and may act out in extreme or unpredictable ways. How can we become the stillness in the eye of the storm as the old reality continues to disintegrate?

Nothing hides from the Scorpio Queen. She reveals the brutal truths that we would prefer to avoid about ourselves and our reality.

This cycle of Eclipses gives us a foreshadowing of the upcoming Nodal shift to the Taurus/Scorpio axis in January 2022. They will serve to amplify themes of revelation, rebellion, resources and restrictions inviting us to look deeply at where we are still giving our power away, allowing ourselves to be manipulated or choosing to stay stuck, clinging to the familiar out of fear.

It is time to courageously enter the void of the unknown, to let go of our attachment to security and open ourselves up to feel, to touch the edges of our own grief, darkness and obsessions. The ruler of this Lunation, Mars in Scorpio sings Her siren song of Sacred Sexuality, Intimacy and Desire. She asks, you to reconnect with the longings of your soul. Are choosing comfort over passion? How can we merge our sexual and financial energies whilst remaining sovereign?

During this Lunar Cycle, we contemplate How can we consciously transform, from a place of empowerment rather than resistance? Can we allow ourselves to trust our intuition to guide us to the next stage of our soul’s journey?

In the underworld realm of the Scorpio Goddess, trauma becomes power. Our pain is the fuel for rebirth, as we rise like the phoenix from the ashes of the old self.

Venus the Lover Goddess enters Capricorn on the 5th of November. Due to Her upcoming retrograde She will remain in Capricorn until March the 6th 2022! Venus in the sign of the Goat Mother is the Sovereign Matriarch, the Keeper of Lineage and Ancestral Wisdom. She is the Ancient Crone Goddess of Deep Winter, Mystress of Time and Space. She asks us to live in alignment with our integrity, to leave behind a legacy for future generations. She calls to face reality so we can take take grounded, practical action. As She begins Her retrograde in conjunction with Plutonia and square to Eris on the 19th of December, we can expect to witness ever more profound changes to the structures and systems of our world.

Just 12 hours later, Mercuria the Messenger Goddess joins Sol and Mars in Scorpio after Her long retrograde journey in the sign of the scales. Mercuria in Scorpio penetrates the psyche, bringing up unprocessed material from the depths of the subconscious. She sharpens our psychic senses and awakens our inner prophetess. Yet, in her quest for absolute truth, she can also become paranoid and suspicious.

On the 10th of November, Mercuria Moves into conjunction with Mars in Scorpio as She also triggers the Saturnia/Urania Square. The electrical surge of Kundalini energy stirred by the Taurus/Scorpio axis drives us forward, urging us to liberate ourselves yet stern Saturnia creates resistance and obstacles. There could be feelings of anger and frustration as we feel trapped by circumstances and mandates beyond our control.

The tension reaches its peak as we head towards the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on the 19th of November. Sat in opposition to Sol and Mercuria, and in conjunction with Algol, the Medusa Star this is another intense and catalytic Lunation of shedding and transmutation. Collectively, supply disruptions and shortages may intensify.

Taurus clings to possessions and wealth in order to feel safe. Scorpio teaches us that transformation and even death itself is inevitable. The core lesson of this cycle of Eclipses is that security is an illusion in our 3D reality. How can we use this energy to break out of our comfort zones, and become more self-sufficient? Can we let go our addictions and attachments to safety? What to we value most, freedom or material stability?

Look to the Taurus and Scorpio ruled houses of your birth chart to see how these changes will impact you personally. Where is your edge of growth and expansion?

The Ruler of this Eclipse is Lady Venus Herself, now in Her pre-retrograde shadow. She sits in trine to Urania in Taurus, reminding us that disciplined action and self-belief are required if we are to build our big visions. Collaboration and connection bring abundance.

On the 21st of November, Sol crosses the threshold of resurrection and blazes into the Sagittarian fires of gnosis. Perspective returns after our sojourn into the underworld realms, yet we are still in the midst of eclipse season. This is time to question how our fixed beliefs and attitudes are limiting our ability to perceive truth. First Sol, then Mercuria will meet the South Node of release as they enter the sign of the Star Huntress, giving us our final opportunity to release the shadow Sagittarian behaviours of judgment, fundamentalism and bypassing as the Nodes prepare to shift signs.

The Eclipse cycle will come to a close with a Sagittarian Solar Eclipse on the 4th of December.

Samhain Blessings!

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