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~ October Astrology ~

~ October Astrology ~

And so, we find ourselves sinking into the decaying beauty of Autumn. Wild October winds scatter the dying leaves upon the rich, damp soil. Eartha’s burrowing creatures gather the last of the harvest fruits and berries to sustain them throughout the long, cold months to come. The veil between worlds thins, as the ancestors beckon us to descend into the season of soul alchemy with them…..

The first fiery Full Moon of October rises on the 1st, in the sign of Aries in conjunction with Chiron the Shamanka. This is a Lunation of deep soul healing and emotional inflammation, making us extra aware of where we are giving our power away, or not living in integrity with our individual truth. We are reminded that to be fully and vulnerably ourselves takes extreme courage in this time of projection and conflict.

If we have been looking outside of ourselves for wisdom or healing, this Full Moon calls us back into leadership of our own lives. We are invited to reconnect with our own wild and sovereign selves, despite the restrictions that surround us. Freedom to be who we are is our souls’ birth right. Sitting in opposition, Sol in Libra quietly pleads for compromise and diplomacy, desperately attempting to quell the rising tide of impatience and aggression. How can we know when it is time to wield the sword and when it is time to lay down our weapons? How can we harmonise our own needs with the needs of others?

In the days following this catalytic Lunation, retrograde Mars can be seen shining the brightest She will be until 2035. This is a perfect opportunity to make offerings to the Great Red Warrioress, asking Her to empower your heart and fill you with courage.

Venus, still shimmering in the early dawn skies as Morning Star enters Virgo on the 2nd of October. Venus in Virgo is the archetypical Priestess, the guardian of the hearth flame of the heart. She encourages us to find the centre of devotion within us no matter what chaos is unfolding in the collective. Cultivate your daily practices, nourish your mind, body and soul with pure thoughts and healing foods. Find sustenance in the small moments, appreciate the simple things and focus on what truly matters. Make your life into a ritual. Sit at the altar of your own worthiness.

Pluto, the Dark Mother stations direct at 22 degrees Capricorn on the 4th of October, drawing us down into the depths of our psyche to purge and release our fears. Pluto is the final planet of the current Capricornian Trinity of Transformation to change direction. With Jupiter edging ever closer preparing for their 3rd and final collision of 2020, we can expect more layers of corruption to be revealed as the collapse of the system continues to unfold and we head into the Aquarian Age of revolution.

On the 9th of October, Mars will sit in conjunction with Eris and square to Pluto for the second time. Mars/Pluto is one of the most intense, penetrating and alchemical astrological alignments we can experience. Volcanic emotions and dark obsessions/passions are drawn to the surface of our consciousness to be integrated. Ruthless power grabs, acts designed to inspire fear and display dominance are possible as the frustration at current world events builds to its inevitable breaking point. It is important to harness this energy with care, directing its potency towards the higher desires of the soul. Mars will challenge Pluto for the final time at the Winter Solstice.

“If you want to see the truth, you must be brave enough to look.” ~ Rune Lazuli

On October 13th, Mercuria the Messenger takes on Her final retrograde sojourn of the year in the signs of the Scorpion and the Scales. Mercuria’s journey will take place solely in the ‘Via Combusta’ or ‘Fiery Path’ section of the Zodiac, indicating that this is no ordinary Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury in Scorpio is the psychopomp of the soul, guiding us down into the Labyrinth of our psyche to illuminate the limiting patterns that are keeping us stuck in old trauma. She invites us to examine our deep psychological reactions and processes, helping us understand why we think the way we do. She awakens our inner owl sight, beckoning us to gaze into her Obsidian Mirror of self-reflection and glimpse the hidden mysteries of the universe. Visions and dreams awaken long buried soul memories and longings. Are you willing to see beneath the surface reality into the otherworld?

Mercuria will oppose Urania in Taurus 3 times during Her retrograde period, asking us to cultivate a synthesis of the higher and lower minds. This an aspect that has the potential to bring revelatory truths out into the open. The masks are coming off! What has been deliberately obscured will be revealed in shocking ways that force us to expand our perspectives and change our trajectory.

It is important to remember with Mercury in Scorpio, paranoia and suspicion can run rampant causing us to anticipate betrayal at every turn, be aware that all is not as it seems. Mercury will station direct on the 3rd of November at 25 degrees Libra, leaving Her shadow on the 20th before finally entering Sagittarius on the 2nd of December.

Also, on the 13th, Retrograde Mars in Aries opposes Sol in Libra, marking a pivotal moment in Her current cycle, just as Lady Luna comes to join them in the kiss of rebirth on the 16th. The traditionally romantic and harmonising Libra New Moon will form a tense T-square aspect between Mars in Aries and Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. As themes of freedom vs. restriction and fairness vs. tyranny continue to arise in the collective, it is important for us to address the inequality in our own lives and relationships. Where are we unwilling to compromise? Where are we giving more that we are receiving? How can we maintain balance and unity in our hearts despite holding conflicting opinions and desires?

The Ruler of this Lunation is Lady Venus in Virgo, sitting in trine to Jupiter and opposition to nebulous Neptune in Pisces, reminding us that expansion and abundance can only flow when we are willing to surrender to a higher power and offer ourselves in service.

Sol joins Mercuria in the dark waters of Scorpio the sorceress on the 22nd of October, as our descent into the shadowlands deepens. The air becomes thick with a sense of magic and enchantment, our intuitive senses sharpen. Scorpionic themes of death, sex, occult practices and shared assets become prevalent. Here, in the caverns of the Queen of the Underworld, we come face to face with the parts of ourselves that we have disowned and rejected. It is only by facing the darkness within, that we can transform the darkness without.

On the 27th of October, Mercury retrogrades back into Libra, as Venus also glides into the sign of the Goddess of Justice. Confusion and indecision abound, yet if we tune into our own souls’ wisdom, we will recognise truth.

On Samhain eve, a bewitching Blue Full Moon rises in the sign of Taurus, conjunct Urania, the Storm Goddess. The Taurus/Scorpio axis of death and regeneration invites us to transmute all that it holding us back from knowing the true, authentic self. It is time to clear our body, soul and psyche of limiting patterns and old attachments. We are being shaken to our core, forced us out of our comfort zones and called to break free of limitations. The serpent fire of kundalini rises up our spine to reawaken our sensuality and illuminate our 3rd eye. Themes of self-love and self-worth arise, as we become extra aware of how we are using our financial, sexual and energetic resources.

This Full Moon gives us a foreshadowing of what is to come as we move towards the Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the festival of Beltane is celebrated at this time. The Earth is blossoming into the fullness of Her springtime time beauty, the days are growing longer and warmer. It is time to honour the Divine Union of the Goddess and Her beloved as they come together to bless the land with fertility and abundance.

Samhain/Beltane Blessings, Maria

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

In person Goddess Astrology Trainings in Glastonbury, UK beginning again March 2021 ~

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