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~ Pisces Full Moon, September 14th ~

“We taste love until we don’t exist again…” ~ Rumi

Tonight, an enchanting Pisces Harvest Moon rises in the dusky September skies, as the veil between worlds begins to thin……

Pisces is the Cosmic Mother Goddess Herself, the beginning and end of all things. She is the infinite ocean of love from which all of our souls are birthed from and shall ultimately return too. She offers us Her chalice of compassion, inviting us to drink Her elixir of divine healing. Her silvery light illuminates every cell of our being, soothing our hurts and washing our souls clean. She moves us beyond our human ego desires, into the soft sweetness of surrender, reminding us that all is as it should be…….

As She reaches fullness, Lady Luna will sit in conjunction with Neptunia, her modern ruler, and in square to Jupiter Her ancient ruler. She will also oppose Sol, Mars, Mercury and Lady Venus in Virgo, inviting us to balance the Virgo/Pisces polarity within ourselves. The shadow side of the strong Pisces/Neptune/ Jupiter energy encourages escapism, illusion and delusions. We may find ourselves looking for ways to numb our pain, to avoid seeing our reality as it is. The potential for indulging in addictive behaviours is high, as we seek to transcend our suffering, or merge with something bigger than ourselves.

Virgo encourages us to see things with clarity and discernment, to seek practical solutions to our problems. She demands that we apply logic, focus and discipline to any issues we are facing, forcing us to take off our ‘rose tinted glasses.’ The hyper critical, detail orientated eye of Virgo can cause us to focus on the imperfections of ourselves and others, creating feelings of worthlessness and anxiety. During this time, we may ask ourselves, what is a fantasy, and what can be grounded into tangible reality? Where am I denying the truth in my life and relationships? Where am I pushing myself too hard/self-flagellating, and how can become more compassionate with myself? Can I find ways embrace my imperfect humanness, whilst still taking steps to change what isn’t working? Let us strike a healthy balance between self-improvement and self-love.

With Black Moon Lilith, the sorceress conjunct Neptune there is a potential for strong activations of the astral body and prophetic visions or dreams. The oracle within awakens, guiding us back into our hearts wisdom. We may become acutely aware of how we are psychically intertwined with others, feeling with profound sensitivity the energetic hooks and attachments that need to be cleansed from our aura and sacred space.

Intriguingly Asteroid Dionysus and his Roman counterpart, Bacchus are both transiting the sign of Virgo at the time of this Lunation, with Bacchus sitting in tight conjunction with Sol. Much deeper than simply being a God of wine and debauchery, Bacchus/Dionysus and his Maenad Priestesses taught how to become drunk on divinity. This energy cautions us that there can be a fine line between ecstasy and madness. As joseph Campbell states ~ The psychotic drowns in the same waters the mystic swims in.

Also at this time, Lady Saturn is slowing down to station in conjunction with the South Node of release in Capricorn, creating an atmosphere of melancholy and introspection. Heavy Saturn alignments can often bring a sense of hopelessness and futility, which makes us truly examine the root causes of our unhappiness.

Saturn has been travelling with the South Node since May this year, encouraging us to let go of lifetimes of old karma and ancestral pattering, as they merge for the final time, we are invited to take responsibility for our own healing, throughout all incarnations and timelines. Old programs, feelings of shame, persecution or guilt may rise up to be seen as we become painfully aware of our own self-sabotaging tendencies.

This Moon of multi-dimensional cleansing which asks us to forgive and dissolve the wounds we are carrying around the dark Saturn themes of abuse of authority, power, oppression and control. This is not the time for self-pity or martyrdom, but for developing self-mastery and sovereignty of our lives and energy fields. It is a time of creating new boundaries and strong structures that support and nourish our soul’s evolutionary pathway.

The Pisces/Virgo axis reminds us that the clearer we become energetically and physically, the more we can be utilised in service, as we become a pure channel for the divine to move through.

Full Moon Blessings!

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

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