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~ Samhain/Scorpio New Moon/Mercury Retrograde Energies ~

And so we find ourselves descending into the season of magic, mystery and alchemy as the SolStar joins Mercuria and Venus in the sign of the Scorpion. The veil that separates the worlds is gossamer thin, awakening our ability to perceive with our inner eye. The misty spectres of the Ancestors linger in our peripheral vision, ready to guide us as we walk the liminal trackways of the shadowlands…….

The Scorpio Goddess takes our hand, leading us into the dark abyss, inviting us to see what lies beneath the surface so we can intimately know the deepest desires of our soul. With Her psyche penetrating owl vision, Scorpio exposes all of our underlying motivations and self-avoidant behaviours. This is the place of ego death, where all our masks and projections are stripped away, inviting us to walk into the centre of the labyrinth within.

Here, we enter the cauldron of the Great Mother of Death. Sitting in the blackness of the void we face the demons of the past, present and future. Scorpio teaches us the medicine of embracing our fears and most challenging emotions, so that we can become whole. She often takes us to limit of what we think we can cope with, so that we may know how powerful we truly are.

She sings Her serpent song, calling us to transform, to shed the old skin, to surrender what we have been clinging tightly so to. When we feel a deep rooted, immovable resistance to transforming a certain relationship or situation, Scorpio knows that is where Her work is…….

At the Scorpio New moon on the 27th/28th of October, both Sol And Luna will oppose Urania at 4 degrees of Taurus. This Lunation acts as a catalyst for the Samhain/Scorpio Season/Mercury retrograde period, bringing unexpected revelations that uncover long hidden truths. We may experience shocking events that illuminate where we have been holding onto fears and programming around finances, sacred sexuality and resources. We may need to reassess what is truly valuable and meaningful to us, as we consider the energetic exchanges that we are participating in.

Urania in Taurus invites us to liberate ourselves from old paradigm beliefs, shattering our fixed attitudes and stagnant emotional loops, awakening us to higher truths in the Venusian areas of pleasure, sensuality, prosperity and receptivity. It is time for an abundance upgrade. If we have been feeling deadened, numb or apathetic this Lunation shakes us awake, reminding us of our passionate about. Scorpio teaches the agony and ecstasy of being fully alive and open to feeling.

This is the season of the Raven Cloaked Oracle, the Prophetess that sees between worlds and into other dimensions. We are given the opportunity to heal and transform ancient wounds and soul imprints we may have been carrying for lifetimes, allowing us to transmute the layers of shame, persecution and unworthiness and reclaim the magical witch/wise woman within.

Mercury officially stations retrograde on the festival day of Samhain itself, the 31st of October. Mercuria in Scorpio is the celestial scribe who writes the secrets of the soul in her book of mysteries. Journeying through the sign of the Sorceress, She truly embodies Her role as ‘guide of souls,’ Her torch lighting the way as we follow Her into the depths of the underworld to reclaim the lost fragments of ourselves.

Mercury retrograde in the sign of the Scorpio draws the ghouls that lie beneath the surface of our conscious mind rise to the surface to be seen. During this period, many uncomfortable truths are destined to come to light, revealing where we have been giving our power away, and allowing ourselves to be psychically, energetically or emotionally manipulated. As our Kundalini rises, we become intuitively aware of how our energy has been diverted, drained or suppressed.

We are about to become very aware of how our energy is impacted by others and the corrupt systems that seek to control us through media, propaganda and other, more covert tactics. Our role is to not fall into suspicion or paranoia but to courageously seek to break the spells of illusion and speak the truth to those who would hear it. With Mercury activating Neptune 3 times during Her journey, there is sense of Trickster energy that comes with this retrograde. All may not be as it seems at this time.

Mercury will station in conjunction with Venus the Lover in the final degrees of the Scorpion, indicating that relationship issues will be highlighted as we soul dive into the otherworld. Scorpio is a sign that demonstrates a insatiable drive to merge/connect with others on a deep level, yet paradoxically is extremely fearful of being vulnerable and opening themselves up to betrayal or rejection.

This self-sabotaging behavior can often lead them isolating themselves completely or projecting mistrust upon their loved ones, thus creating the abandonment they were trying to protect themselves from. Oftentimes fear of intimacy is fear of knowing ourselves. Venus in Scorpio teaches us shadow integration through our partnerships with others.

“Stars hide your fires; let light not see my black and deep desires” ~ Shakespeare

This is a time when we must admit to ourselves what we truly long for in the darkest recesses of our hearts. Scorpio will not let us wander, muted, drifting through life only half- alive. By reminding us of our own mortality, She teaches us to become fully awake and present in the now. How would you spend your days if you knew you only had a finite number left?

Scorpio Season Blessings!

Art 'The Death of the Profane' by ~ Marlene Seven Bremner

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