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~ Saturn, Pluto & the South Node ~

And so, just as Pluto, the Dark Mother stands still and changes direction, Saturn, Mystress of Time and Space, also slows to station retrograde on the 30th of April in conjunction with the South Node, the Tail of the Dragon as the unprecedented line up of Planets in the sign of Capricorn continues to invite us to reshape our reality.

Although the Retrogrades of Saturn and Pluto are usual annual occurrence, with each of the larger outer planets spending between 4-6 months in every year in backwards motion, this year’s energies are extremely potent, as the two celestial giants dance within 3 degrees of each other as they head towards their once in 500 year collision in early 2020.

On a global level, we are witnessing the fall of the archaic systems/institutions of corruption that have held us enslaved in lack, shame and fear for thousands of years. Supported by Uranus’ recent shift into Taurus, a revolution is occurring, both within and without. The established structures are disintegrating, and a New Earth is being birthed through the North Node in Cancer. To try to hold on to what is necessarily falling away will only prolong the painful process of change.

Lady Saturn will be travelling within a few degrees of the South Node for the next 5 months until She begins to move forward again in October, giving us a profound opportunity to clear up the karmic entanglements of the past, to transmute deeply rooted ancestral patterns that have been encoded in our DNA for generations.

Lessons our soul has been trying to master for lifetimes are likely to surface as we are hit with a harsh dose of truth, as Saturn invites us to see with stark clarity what is no longer working in our lives, revealing where we are living in delusion and hiding from ourselves.

“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.” ~ Brene Brown

Saturn reminds us of the long-term karmic consequences of every action and reaction. Every time we step out of alignment with our integrity, the cosmos will send us an uncomfortable messenger that reflects us back to ourselves, so we can make the needed adjustments to our behaviour and correct our course.

Saturn demands that we embrace sacred self-responsibility, for ourselves and for our lives. She teaches us that we are the one who is holding ourselves back. She helps us to understand and refine our soul’s desires by denying us quick and easy results. It is only in feeling our limitations we are able to liberate ourselves from them.

She is the gatekeeper at the threshold of initiation, often pushing us to the edge of what we believe we can endure by testing and challenging us to ensure we are truly willing to fully commit to our vision, and spiritually mature enough to receive what we are asking for.

The situations we find ourselves in may feel frustrating, overwhelming or exhausting at this time. We may feel weighed down with obligations and responsibilities. It is important that we with work with Saturn, instead of against Her, applying Her qualities of discipline, focus and self-accountability to all our endeavours whilst simultaneously remembering to be kind to ourselves, and nurture what brings us joy.

With such a heavy overload of Capricorn energy pressing down upon us over the coming months we must be extra aware that we do not fall into the Saturnian shadows of self-flagellation, pessimism, isolation and depression.

The current manifestation culture teaches us to expect instant gratification, Saturn demands hard work. We are not doing something ‘wrong’ if things aren’t manifesting as we had planned, or as quickly as we would like. We must recognise that perfection is an impossible goal. It is through trying and failing that we ultimately find the right path. Often, we have to go through struggle and times of temporary restriction in order to achieve future success. This is particularly true in the Saturn/Capricorn ruled areas of business, finances, career, family and purpose.

This can be a challenge for the more spiritually inclined, who may have spent lifetimes in seclusion and asceticism studying and sharing wisdom without the need to be concerned by earthly/material matters of survival.

We must not let our need for security force us upon a path that is not authentic to our passion. This is not a time for punishing ourselves, but for using our dissatisfaction as fuel to create long lasting change built upon solid foundations. Now is the time to take practical steps to anchor our dreams and goals.

Take a brutally honest inventory of your life, looking closely at where you are leaking your most valuable resources ~ your time and energy. Are you utilising the gifts you are given in the most productive ways possible? Where do you need to reorganise or restructure your life in order to create space for growth? How can you simplify and strip back? Can you sit in the space messy imperfection that often accompanies making big, soul -led change? Are you willing to let go of the familiar and safe? What is the legacy that you wish to leave behind?

Let us remember, Saturn is the Goddess of the Karmic Harvest. The work we put in is always rewarded a thousand fold, as and when She decides. We often don’t see the results of the efforts exerted until She begins to move direct once more.

Scientists believe that it rains diamonds on Saturn. Only an atmosphere of such intense pressure can create the alchemy needed to reveal the exquisite radiance within.

Many Blessings <3

Art ~ Wendy Oritz

The Practical Stuff ~

Saturn Stations Direct on the 18th of September, still in conjunction with the South Node. Pluto Stations on the 3rd of October.

Check the Capricorn ruled house of your chart to see the specific area of your life these energies are applying there power!

If you have Planets or Angles between 23 to 13 degrees of the cardinal signs ~ Aries, Libra, Cancer and of course Capricorn, you are receiving a challenging alignment from Saturn or Pluto. These transits are life changing and deeply transformative when worked with consciously.

Planets/Angles between 23 to 13 degrees of Taurus and Virgo will receive a solidifying trine.

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