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~ Scorpio Full Moon, 18th of May ~

Here comes the cathartic Scorpio Full Moon, here to help us illuminate what has long been buried in the depths of our subconscious……

‘There is a tide less ocean in her eyes,

There is a serpent soul that sways and swoons,

With witchery of unremembered Moons…..’ ~ Lilith Lorraine

As the Beltane season energies reach there culmination, we gaze into the black mirror of Aphrodite, to see what shadows need to be alchemised within us so that we can embrace deeper levels of self-love, worthiness, receptivity, pleasure and sacred sensuality.

With Sol and Mercury in earthy Taurus sat in conjunction to the serpentine star Algol, the ‘3rd eye of Medusa’and asteroid Sedna as they oppose Luna in the final degrees of the sign of the Scorpioness, we are called to transmute the poisons of self-hatred, shame, guilt and fear that have been festering within our minds, bodies and hearts. Scorpio invites us to dive into the darkest corners of our soul and psyche, and to learn love ourselves there.

Scorpio rules over sex, death and the occult mysteries, all things that are hidden away, regarded dark or ‘taboo’ in our society. It is interesting to note that the ancient root of the word ‘taboo’ translates as ‘sacred’.

What is now often judged as impure or frightening was originally thought of as holy by our ancestors. The Scorpio/Taurus polarity reminds us that Eros/Desire is life force itself running through us. That our sexuality is a prayer to the Goddess, a divine ritual of honouring the gift of being in a physical body on Earth at this time. Without connection to this primal energy current, we can become dull or deadened to life, feeling creatively blocked and restricted.

The Scorpio Goddess is the enchantress, the seductress, the temptress that awakens us to the truth of our inner most longings, fears and obsessions. Like a finely honed obsidian blade, Scorpio energy cuts through our illusions and pretences revealing the truth our underlying patterns and motivations. This is a Moon of revelation, as many truths, secrets and shadows rise up to be seen.

The stories and myths of both Sedna and Medusa speak of betrayal and abuse of feminine power. We may ask ourselves, how are past betrayals affecting my ability to love others and myself in the now? Am I betraying myself by not allowing myself to fully embrace my desires and be who I truly am?

The ancient Ruler of this lunation is Mars the Warrioress, who is newly immersed in the Cancerian waters. Mars in Cancer has the potential to stir up sacred rage and intense emotions from the very depths of our souls.

Throughout Mars’ 6 week stay in the sign of the Moon Mother, we will be asked to look at some of our deepest childhood wounding and how it is impacting our emotional reactions and creating walls of unhealthy self-protection in the now. Issues of family, home and lineage are likely to become inflamed, initiating deep healing as we look and the ancestral programs and patterns that are triggering old hurts so that they can be seen, felt and integrated. How do you feel about feeling and expressing your anger? How can you use the situations/relationships that are creating pain in your life as a catalyst for moving into deeper levels of vulnerable, authentic expression and connection?

As the Lunar energies peak, Venus Herself collides with Uranus in Taurus for the first time in 84 years. This powerful alignment highlights the collective and personal restructuring that is occurring as we let go of old societal conditioning around our values, resources and ideas of what it means to be beautiful. It is time to liberate ourselves from feelings of lack and ‘not-enoughness’ and redefine ourselves as inherently worthy of receiving all we need to live and life of abundance and ecstatic bliss.

Many Blessings.

Art By Carlos Quevedo

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