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~ September Astrology ~

And so, we find ourselves reaching the month of September, the time of transition into the darker half of the year. There is now a distinct chill in the morning air. Low slanting rays of sunlight illuminate the changing colours of the leaves, as juicy berries begin grow on the hedgerows, ready for us to harvest and make healing remedies with…..

On September the 2nd we have a cleansing Full Moon in the sign of the Celestial Fish Mother, Pisces. This Pisces/Virgo axis Full Moon is one of soul purification, asking us to clear our mind, body and emotional field of all that we wish to release before we move through the equinox gateway.

How can we create balance between Virgos need to fix, organise and perfect, with the Piscean call to deep surrender and acceptance?

Pisces, Goddess of the starry void of dissolution, gives us the opportunity to release the grief and heaviness that we are feeling as we hold space for the pain and suffering we are witnessing in the collective. Ceres, the Mother Goddess asteroid sits next to this lunation, teaching us that we can only truly heal when we learn to let go.

This powerful harvest Moon brings to fruition the work we have been putting into manifesting our dreams since the beginning of this extraordinary year. It is interesting to note that the current global crisis began to reach our awareness around the time of the Pisces New Moon in February this year. How has your life transformed over the last six months? Perhaps your vision has adjusted as you rediscovered what has true value and meaning?

At the time of this Lunation, Lady Venus will be sitting in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, encouraging us to create balance between comfort and reality. We are once again reminded of the importance of cultivating harmony between our inner and outer worlds. Supportive Earth Trines forming between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, and Sol and Uranus invite us to ground our ideas and inspirations with practical action.

On the 5th of September, Mercuria the Messenger Goddess enters Libra bringing some air vibrations amongst the dense earthy energy! Mercuria in Libra encourages us to think and communicate from a space of fairness and equality, inviting us to look at both sides of any issues we are facing.

On the 4th of September, Venus challenges Mars from the final degrees of Cancer creating tension around conflicting emotional desires for freedom and security. On the 6th of September She will blaze into the sign of Leo, the She-Lion, awakening our inner Queen, She who invites us to reconnect with our inner radiance and claim the crown of sovereignty. Venus in Leo reminds us that we are worthy of receiving our hearts longings. When we are connected our pleasure and joy, we are magnetic.

One of the post powerful astrological moments of the year occurs on the 9th of September, as Mars the Warrioress stations retrograde at 28 degrees of Her home sign of Aries. Mars in Aries is the fire in our veins. She is our life force, personal power and sense of individuality. She is the inner Amazon or Valkyrie, fearless, bold and always ready for action or battle. When she feels threatened or thwarted, She becomes aggravated, reactive and aggressive.

“Some women are lost in the fire. Some are built from it.” ~ Michelle K

Mars backtracking through Aries can create feelings of frustration, impatience and hostility. She craves independence at any cost and will not back down. Mars retrograde brings attention to any areas of our lives that are feeling stagnant or restricted. She illuminates issues connected with the Mars themes of leadership, initiation and sexuality. Root chakra survival fears are likely to be activated. How can we alchemise our anger and use it as fuel for liberation? How can we utilise this energy to reclaim our passion and personal power?

During Her retrograde journey Mars will reactivate the gathering of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn that has been calling for the breaking down of old structures since early 2020. Mars retrograde is likely to inflame the building tensions that have been rising within our society, creating an atmosphere of rebellion and revolution as our individual will/drive for freedom clashes with the oppressive systems that are currently in place.

Previous Mars retrogrades in Aries occurring in 1941 and 1988 have coincided with acts of war and civil uprisings. Mars will station direct on the 13th of November and will not leave Her shadow until early January 2021. Please see the links below this post for my Mars Retrograde video which explores this transit in depth.

On the 12th of September Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn, after 5 months of retrograde motion. As She moves forward, She will once again approach Pluto as they prepare to collide for the 3rd and final time this year in November. We can expect to see some of the rewards for the work and effort we have been putting into the Capricorn area of our birth chart beginning to manifest during this time.

The Virgo New Moon rises on the 17th of September, offering us one of the most beautiful, bountiful Lunations of 2020. Sat in trine to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, this New Moon asks us to get serious about grounding our intentions for the final 3 months of the year. What are we going to devote our time and energy to? What is productive and serving a purpose, and what needs to be discarded so that we can refine and purify? What is working efficiently, and what needs to be simplified or restructured? What needs to be healed or detoxified? What clutter on we holding on to on a mental, physical or emotional level?

A square to the Nodes of fate and destiny remind us that this is another collective and personal karmic choice point. Decisions made and actions taken will have long term repercussions. Mercury, the Moons ruler will challenge Jupiter inviting us to be aware of promising more than we can deliver, or getting stuck in rigid, fixed ideology.

Sol enters Libra on the 22nd of September, initiating the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. A moment of balance occurs, with day and night at equal length before we descend into enchantment of Autumn and prepare to turn inwards for the colder months. In the Southern Hemisphere, the days grow brighter and lighter as the Earth pulsates with Spring Equinox energies of renewal and rebirth.

Sols journey through the sign of the Goddess of Harmony will be an intense one this year, as She is challenged by Chiron, then Mars Retrograde and the Stellium of Planets in Capricorn. As Lady of the Karmic Scales, She encourages us to find balance and neutrality amidst the conflict and chaos that is arising within and without.

Mercuria enters the dark void of Scorpio on the 27th of September, taking us into the deep waters of our soul and psyche to uncover what has been hidden in the depths of our subconscious, and reveal the truth about the underlying motivations that drive our behaviour. Mercuria will be stationing retrograde in the mid degrees of Scorpio next month!

On the 29th of September, Saturn stations direct. Traditionally Saturn’s forward movement indicates a time of remuneration for the work we have been putting into building our dreams and goals. However, this year Saturn will Station in very close proximity to Pluto and in direct square to Mars, indicating we will be revisiting the intensity of early 2020. Working with these energies requires extreme self-discipline, as we must ensure we are living in total alignment with our personal sense of integrity and authenticity, walking our talk and standing for what we believe to be right.

Although these energies can feel challenging, it is important to remember that we chose to incarnate for this very moment. We are collectively transitioning from one cosmic age into another. Humanity is rebirthing itself anew, and we are the soul midwives who are supporting the process. We must choose not to fall into division and fear and instead begin to actively embrace the Aquarian frequency of community and oneness. This is our opportunity to utilise the soul gifts we have been cultivating for many years in service to evolution of the whole. How can you support those who now waking up? What is your unique role in these chaotic times?

Many Blessings, Maria

Mars Retrograde in depth Video ~

In person Goddess Astrology Trainings in Glastonbury, UK beginning again March 2021 ~

Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

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