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~ September Astrology ~

~ September Astrology ~

And so, we reach the Equinox threshold. The light of Sol shifts like liquid gold as we rest on the edge of Summer, awaiting the inevitable descent into the enchantment of the Autumnal months. There is a chill in the air and the scent of apple on the breeze. The bounty of the Earth Mother is being harvested, and we offer Her our thanks…..

We begin the Month with an earthy New Moon in the sign of Virgo on the 7th of September. This is one of the most beneficent, healing Lunations of the year, offering us time to integrate, organise and set our intentions for the final months of 2021. Virgo is the sign of the Priestess and the Grain Mother. She invites us to look within and enquire what it is that we truly wish to devote ourselves too. She reminds us of the power of humility, simplicity and dedication to service.

Virgo reminds us that connecting to our own soul’s light through daily ritual is perhaps the most important thing we can do during this period of chaotic change. We must stay grounded, rooted in wisdom and willing to take practical action when necessary. We must choose efficiency and long-term productivity over quick fixes. Virgo reminds us of the importance of taking responsibility for the wellbeing of the physical vessel, reminding us that properly nourishing ourselves is an act of sacred self-love, not a punishment.

Lady Venus sits at 25 degrees of Libra in Square to Pluto, the Dark Mother and Eris, the Red Goddess, She who is uninvited, at the time of the New Moon. This alignment reflects the archetypal myth of Persephone, the apple/pomegranate of temptation that is the desire to know the self in all our shadow and light. The revealing of the hidden parts of ourselves and our collective unconscious that are unbearable to look at, and so remain concealed under a veneer of politeness and hypocrisy. The treacherous walk into the underworld that ultimately leads us to wholeness and inner harmony through acceptance of the parts of ourselves that we have rejected.

Mercuria enters Her retrograde shadow on the 7th of September and will station on this very same degree at the end of the month, initiating 3 weeklong period of examining these themes.

Venus leaves the airy realm of Libra and dives into the dark waters of the Scorpioness on the 10th of September. Here, She wears the violet cloak of the sorceress, bewitching us all with Her spells of magic and magnetism. Venus in Scorpio craves soul bearing intimacy and alchemical intensity within Her relationships, nothing superficial will suffice. She reconnects us with our passions and reveals what we secretly long for but are often sacred to admit to ourselves. As Venus moves through Scorpio, She will trigger the ongoing Saturnia/Urania square from the 17th to 23rd of September. This is a period of liberating ourselves from old emotional, sexual and psychic attachments and revaluating how we are utilising our resources both spiritually and financially.

A few days later, Mars the warrioress also changes signs, entering Libra on the 14th of October. Mars is at Her most uncomfortable in Venus’ sign of natural rulership. Mars likes to move forward impulsively, Libra dithers over making decisions. Mars centres Herself and Her needs, Libra focuses on others. Mars has no time to care what others think, Libra considers what is socially acceptable and fair for all. Mars instigates war, Libra keeps the peace! If we are too passive, Mars in Libra can help us assert ourselves. If we are overly aggressive or inconsiderate, Mars in Libra helps us to see the perspectives of others.

Collectively, we can use the transit most powerfully by choosing to direct the iron will of Mars towards the higher Libran qualities of justice and equality. Perhaps it is time to make a stand for what we truly believe in?

The Oceanic Pisces Full Moon on September the 21st invites us to bathe in Her ethereal luminescence as we surrender into self-compassion. Falling on Equinox eve, this Lunation offers us the opportunity to wash away the psychic, astral and emotional debris of the year. Pisces more than any other teaches us that we are all divine. She surrounds us with the unconditional love of Goddess, reminding us that we are all perfect in our imperfection.

This Full Moon sits at the end of the Zodiac on the 28th degree of the sign of the MerMother, in conjunction with its own ruler, Neptunia, indicating that this will be a Lunation of culmination and release. Let your tears cleanse your soul as you remember that all things will eventually dissolve back into the Cosmic womb of Goddess until it is their time to be reborn.

Sol in Virgo sits in opposition, reminding us to be discerning amidst the lower Neptunian energies of illusion, propaganda and deception. Boundaries may need to be tightened to avoid spiralling into old patterns of avoidance, addiction or hysteria.

The Autumn Equinox falls at 8.20pm on the 22nd of September, UK time. For a short instant, we experince a moment of balance before the hours of darkness overtakes the light. Sol shifts into Libra, the sign of sacred contract and karmic justice. She comes with Her scales, weighing our hearts against Her feather of purity, asking if we were to transition this day could we look back on our lives and know that we lived in alignment with our soul’s integrity?

Mercuria the Messenger, also in Libra begins Her 3rd retrograde of the year in the Sign of the Scales on the 27th of September. She starts Her journey in square to Pluto/Kali and Eris, Goddess of Discord indicating this will be a time of deep soul work within our relationships, looking at issues of co-dependency and people pleasing. Through the mirror of the other, we face our shadows. We may need to readdress the balance of some our partnerships and let others go.

In true Libran style, there will be much discussion around what is legitimate and fair in the collective during this period. It is likely that more restrictions will be imposed, as the resistance to them simultaneously gains momentum as more layers of truth are revealed. During Her Journey, Mercuria will also collide with Mars in Libra. The shadow side of this energy may manifest as passive aggressive or manipulative behaviours and words. It is important we remain in our sovereign power acting from a place of diplomacy, yet unwavering in our commitment to stand in our truth. Mercuria will resume direct motion on the 18th of October.

Starry Blessings!

Art By Autumn Skye Morrison

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