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~ The Astrology of 2024 ~

~ The Dance of Fire & Ice ~

And so, the wheel of time spins, and new 12-month cycle begins……

The energy of 2024 is dominated by the shifts of Plutonia, the Dark Goddess moving back into Aquarius, Jupitera entering Gemini and a series of retrogrades and Activations in Fire Signs. With the Nodal axis continuing to move through Aries and Libra, the focus is placed upon the elements of Fire and Air, indicating swift movement, new inspirations and rapid cutting/burning away of the old.  

These major planetary shifts into the Air signs remind us that we have to choose progress. We have to move forward and discover ways of working with the new technologies that are incoming in ways that serve the evolution of humanity. Staying stuck in the past is no longer an option.

Numerologically, 2024 is an “8” year, representing infinite possibilities and abundance. In Tarot, 8 is the number of the Strength card, ruled over the sign of Leo and the Solstar Herself. Though a woman holding open the mouth of a great Lion is traditionally depicted on the strength card, in the Magical Thoth Deck the image on this card is of the Goddess Babalon/Venus riding the 7 seven headed beast. This card is symbolic of opening to life courageously, allowing desire and passion to move through you as you fearlessly create the life of your dreams.

On January 1st, Mercuria stations direct at 22 degrees of Sagittarius, bringing completion to the lessons we have been learning since She went retrograde in Capricorn on December 13th.  With the messenger moving forward in the sign of the Archeress, our vision expands, and the pathway of purpose becomes clear once more…

The first New Moon of the year falls at 20 degrees of Capricornia on the 11th of January. This a time of planning ahead, using the disciplined nature of the Mountain Mother to create structure and lay foundations for future success.

On the 20th of January, Sol enters the sign of Aquaria, closely followed by Plutonia. As they conjunct at 0 degrees of the sign of the Star Goddess, a brand-new cycle of initiation into the Aquarian Age begins collectively and personally. This year Plutonia will make Her final pilgrimage across the Aquaria/Capricornia threshold, re-entering the sign of the Sea Goat for the final time from the 2nd of September to the 19th of November.

The transition from the old world to the New Aeon continues to unfold as the hierarchical Capricornian structures of the previous era continue to crumble. What will we allow to take their place? Will we choose the highest expression of Pluto in Aquarius and liberate ourselves to create a society built on the values of fairness, equality and community? Or will we fall into technocracy, choosing the virtual reality over embodied living and connection? Will we let social media and science become the new powers and forces of control?

Aquarius is the sign of Astrology itself. As Plutonia, Goddess of the Occult Mysteries enters this sign, She will ask to remember and reclaim the power of this sacred art and use it for transformation at a soul level.

As with every great turn of the Ages, it is our choice. The Aquarian Weaver Goddess reminds us that we are all one strand in the great web, each action we take effects the whole. By living in our authentic truth and power, we inspire others to do the same. It is time to become the radical revolutionary, to rebel against the societal constructs that keep us bound to the past.

Urainia the ruler of Aquarius stations direct on the 27th of January, opening a window of all planets moving direct until early April. As we move through February, the electrifying Aquarian energy continues to amplify with a Super New Moon on the 9th of February signifying the Chinese Year of the Wood Dragon, and both Mars and Venus entering the sign of Cosmic Mother. This is time of breaking out of the comfort zones and meeting edges as we continue to dream the future into being.

Pisces season brings a period of rest and release, highlighting Saturnia’s lessons as She continues to move through the deep waters of the collective subconscious.

As move through the Equinox Gateway of rebirth on the 21st of March, we also enter the first Eclipse season of 2024 with a Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees of Libra on the 25th. Lady Venus is the Ruler of this Eclipse, sitting in the sign of Pisces in conjunction with Saturnia alongside Mars and Neptunia indicating that this Eclipse season will be inviting us to define our boundaries and let go of self-sacrificing behaviours so that we can truly embrace the fire of the Aries North Node, which is calling us to attune to our desires and put ourselves first.

In the midst of Eclipse season Mercuria stations retrograde again on the 1st of April at 27 degrees of Aries. She will conjoin with the North Node, Chiron and Venus during Her descent into underworld, highlighting these themes of self-love and self-empowerment.

 Eclipse Season reaches culmination with a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Aries on the 8th of April, also sitting in close conjunction with Chiron, who has been travelling alongside the North Node since February. This Lunation reminds us that rebirthing ourselves is a painful process, that often involves looking deeply at where we have given our power away. Aries energy demands movement and action. We can no longer play the victim, sitting passively on the side lines of our own life. 

On the 21st of April we have the most potent conjunction of the year as Urania and Jupitera conjoin at 21 degrees of Taurus for the first time since the 1940s. This energy can be likened to the wheel of fortune in Tarot, bringing unexpected, yet liberating shifts into our lives. These changes feel shocking or disruptive, yet ultimately shake us out of comfort zones and open us to new opportunities and possibilities. Taurus rules over our values and resources, indicating that these areas of life will need to be radically realigned. This is a time for breaking free of limited thinking and scarcity consciousness as we receive downloads and insights that lead us to new, innovative ways of creating wealth.

Mercuria stations direct on the 25th of April, as Mars enters Her home sign of Aries on the 30th allowing us to begin to move forward again.

Fresh from Her conjunction with Urainia, Jupitera moves through the Pleiades portal and enters Gemini on the 25th of May. Jupitera expands what She touches, and Gemini rules over the mind. This transit will be simultaneously overstimulating and incredibly freeing as the Gemini Goddess invites us to open our mind to new ideas, perceptions and connections. Curious and playful, the Gemini frequency demands that we embrace the duality of life. nothing Good or Bad, Right or Wrong its is simply a lesson to be learnt. Fickle and Changeable, Gemini is always moving on to the next experince. It is time to remember that truth is multifaceted, there are no absolutes.

Jupitera in Gemini brings special blessings to those who work with words, sound and communication. This is the time to write your books and share your truths. As She enters the sign of the shapeshifter, She will make a harmonious trine to Plutonia in Aquarius, bringing forth new ways of working with the internet and rapid changes in the ways we use social media. Jupitera will remain in Gemini until June of 2025. The last time She traversed the sign of the celestial sisters was in 2012/13.

As we move through Summer Solstice portal, we move deeper into retrograde season, with Saturnia Stationing at 19 degrees of Pisces on the 29th of June and Neptunia following suit at 29 degrees of Her home sign on the 2nd of July.

Neptunia sitting still on the final degree of the sign of the Celestial Waters highlights the on-going themes of surrender, dissolution and acceptance that these transits are offering us, and provides a foreshadowing of the energies of 2025. In the coming years Saturnia and Neptunia will both cross back and forth from the threshold from the final sign of the zodiac to the first begore conjoining at 0 degrees of Aries in early 2026.

With Neptunia and Plutonia sitting on the anaretic degrees this year, The residue of the Age of Pisces is washed away along with the old structures that kept in place as the New Paradigm is Birthed.

On the 4th of August Mercuria stations retrograde for the second time this year. She will Journey between 4 degrees Virgo and 21 degrees of Leo. She will be inviting us to purify our vessel, and structure our lives in ways that support the manifestation of our creative gifts and talents. Mercuria will once again conjoin with Venus during this time, indicating that we are learning to re-evaluate what brings us joy and makes us feel valued. She resumes direct motion on the 28th of August.

September brings change on a personal and collective level as Plutonia re-enters Capricornia and Urania stations retrograde on the first day of the month!

As we approach the Equinox, we enter the second Eclipse portal of the year with Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Pisces on the 18th of September, conjunct its own ruler, Neptunia. This is the first Eclipse of a New Cycle which begins as the nodes shift to the Pisces/Virgo axis in January 2025.  This a period of deep soul cleansing as we are immersed in watery void of the fish Mother. It is time to heal, let go and trust in the flow as we drop old karmic attachments.

Themes of boundaries and cutting away of old contracts and relationships continue as the New Moon in Libra/Solar eclipse Energies peak on the 2nd of October. The Libra/Aries Nodal axis is forcing us to find balance between our needs and the needs of others. As we come to final quarter of 2024, it is time to reflect on the lessons we have around independence and co-dependence. How has the way you relate changed? Have you developed a stronger sense of self identity? Have you become more self-assertive?

On October the 11th, Plutonia Stations direct. She re-enters Aquarius on the 9th of November. She will now remain in the sign of the Chalice Bearer until 2023. Saturnia also begins direct movement at 12 degrees of Pisces on November the 15th, bringing rewards for all the work and effort we have put into mastering our addictions over the past 5 months.

Mercuria’s final retrograde of the year begins on the 25th of November, this time in the sign of Sagittarius the celestial Archeress. It is time to review our pathway of purpose and realign our vision as we head towards the Solstice. She will station direct on the 15th of December.

The year comes to a dramatic close as Mars stations retrograde at 6 degrees of Leo on the 6th of December. The Red Goddess will journey between the sign of the Lioness and Moon Mother as we cross the threshold from 2024 to 2025. She will station direct at 17 degrees Cancer on the 25th of February. This retrograde will ask us to look at the needs of our inner child, and particularly where we seek approval and nurturing outside of our selves. It is time to claim our sovereignty and learn how to re-mother and resource from within.

 Art by Autumn Skye Morrison


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