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~ The Heart of Mercury Retrograde and the Art of Surrender ~

And so we find ourselves at the midpoint of our Mercury retrograde in Pisces Journey, as the Messenger Goddess merges with the Solstar, entering the vault of light to be cleansed and purified.

As Mercury traverses the depths of the cosmic ocean during the final days of this heavy Pisces season, and Lady Luna waxes into the Cancerian waters we find ourselves diving ever deeper into the waters of the subconscious.

Sensitivity is heightened as a tsunami of emotion flows over us, seeking to wash our tender hearts clean of long buried psychic and energetic debris. Memories and visions of lost loves and forgotten moments rise up to surface to be felt, healed and finally released.

Rational thinking becomes impossible, as we drift through the dreamscapes of our souls. The energy is intangible, illusive and unfathomable like Pisces Herself. We are asked to turn within, to pay attention to the signs, symbols and intuitive nudges that are all around us showing us what needs to let go of before we can move forward. Any attempts to force situations or solutions will only create more confusion.

“As I unclutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.” ~ Wayne Dyer

We may feel stuck in limbo, slow, unproductive and unable to focus on the responsibilities and demands of the ‘real world.’ Yet, what could be more productive than cleansing our inner temple? What could be more necessary than clearing the physical and emotional clutter that keeps us stuck and stagnant, bound to the past, locked in draining karmic lessons and lifetimes of old patterns?

We may feel called to detoxify our bodies as we purify our surroundings, taking the cleansing down to a cellular level. As we let go, we create space for new, fresh energy and ways of being to enter.

Pisces teaches us the art of surrender and devotion, reminding us we are never really in control of anything. No matter how many plans we make, visions boards we create or affirmations we say, ultimately our destiny is out of our hands. The infinite mysteries of the universe are beyond the comprehension of our small, human understanding.

Paradoxically, it is only when we make an offering of our life; when we hand our desires and ambitions over to a power larger than ourselves that our purpose can really begin to unfold. When we ask how can I serve? Rather than what can I gain? Miracles start to occur naturally.

Our job is to purify our vessel of all thoughts and beliefs that tell us we are unworthy of receiving. To hold ourselves steady in a space of compassion and forgiveness, knowing that what is meant for us shall always come. Soon, the wheel will turn and the fire in our souls will reignite!

Many Blessings!

Art by ~ Lindsay Archer

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