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~ Astrology of 2023 ~

Art by Kamiile freske

~ Chaos Births Creativity ~

And so, in this liminal space between one calendar year and the next, we gaze into Urania’s Mirror to see the themes of the next 12 months.

2023 invites us to find the opportunity within the crisis. If we try to cling to our old, outdated ways of being, relating and working we will be left behind. If we can courageously choose to step into the new, we will expand at a terrifyingly rapid rate.

This is a year for those of us who are edge walkers and pioneers to create new structures, offers and communities that bridge the past and the future. Using the rapidly shifting timelines as leverage for growth and cultivation of resources.

We enter the year in space of reflection with Mercuria retrograding in Capricorn, and Mars still in backwards motion in Gemini. This is a time of restructuring and reorienting as we plan and script the months ahead. Mercuria will station retrograde with Plutonia and Venus on the 29th of December 2022, inviting us to clear up any residual old karmic patterns and fears around finances and relationships.

On January the 12th Mars the Warrioress finally stations direct at 8 degrees of Gemini! The confusion and chaos we have been experiencing since She began Her retrograde journey on the 31st of October starts to dissipate. The veils of illusion may not fully clear until She makes Her final square to Neptunia in mid-March, yet aligned actions now become easier to take. Mercuria also Stations direct at 15 degrees of Capricorn on the 18th of January, bringing further clarity.

The New Year truly begins with an auspicious and electrifying Aquarius New Moon on the 21st of January! Urania in Taurus, the ruler of this Lunation stations within hours of the New Moon rising, making this a powerful time for crystallising your vision and setting intentions for 2023. With Lady Venus sitting in conjunction with Saturnia, we must be sure that we are willing to commit to what we ae setting into motion at this time. All planets are now moving direct until the 1st of April!

February brings a short period of release, respite and soul healing as the planets make their way through Pisces. It is time to recalibrate before we enter March, which is set to be one of the most transformative months of the year as Saturnia and Plutonia switch signs.

Saturnia enters Pisces on the 7th of March. The Oceanic Womb of Pisces is an uncomfortable place for the Goddess of Time and Structure. She wants to build; Pisces wants to dissolve. Pisces loves Her fantasies and delusions, Saturnia forces us to see reality. This transit can bring a sense of heaviness and disenchantment that can force us to look at where we are not taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives or playing the victim/saviour. We may need to learn some lessons around boundaries and discernment. Ideally, we use this energy to make our dreams tangible and become the solid vessel for the waters of spirit to pour through, as the mundane and spiritual realms converge.

On a collective level, this transit can foreshadow a time of deep karmic cleansing as we clear the residue of the age of Pisces, issues around religion and persecution can be key themes during this period. Concerns with water either through extreme flooding or restricted access, and issues with immunity/viruses could again be prevalent. On a physical level this transit can create confusion, lethargy and depression. We may need to learn how to manage our addictions and take extra care of our bodies and mental health.

Plutonia shifts into Aquarius for the first time since 1798 on the 23rd of March, just days after the Equinox. Plutonia has been in Capricorn, sign of hierarchy, corporation and capitalism since 2008. As She moves into the Sign of the Star Goddess, we are likely to see a potential shift in power to the people as the old system becomes unsustainable and fairness and equality is demanded. Revolution and rebellion are likely to be continuing themes as this transit unfolds.

Plutonia is about power and control, Aquarius rules technology, groups and networks. As the old age dies and the new one is born, we need to ensure that we are not exchanging our attachments to patriarchy and religion for the worship of AI/science or allowing ourselves to be restricted via digital IDs, online currencies and social media propaganda. Let us not imprison ourselves with the new technological advances that are emerging. The shadows of Aquarius speak of transhumanism, and disconnection from the natural world in favour of virtual reality. Pluto will re-enter Capricorn on the 11th of June, retrograding back to 27 degrees of the sign of the Goat Mother.

Both Saturnia in Pisces and Plutonia in Aquarius speak of conforming to a collective ideology or new social order, which may at first seem progressive, but is it just leading us into further separation?

The Beltane months of April and May take us into the first Eclipse season of the year, with a New Moon Eclipse at 29 degrees of Aries on the 20th of April and a Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on the 5th of May. Mercuria will begin Her 2nd retrograde of the year in Taurus on the 21st of April. She will collide with Urania in Taurus during Her underworld journey, Indicating a period of intensity around the economic systems both personally and collectively. This is a time of reworking our relationship to our finances and values as we remember that security is an illusion, true self sufficiency comes from our ability to adapt to ever changing external circumstances.

Mercuria will station direct on the 15th of May at 5 degrees Taurus.

Jupitera, the Golden Goddess enters Taurus for the first time in 12 years on the 17th of May. She will immediately come into a square with Plutonia, newly in Aquarius, and conjunct the North Node. This transit amplifies the ongoing 2023 themes of radical transformation around the ways we collectively cultivate basic resources and use currency. Rapid expansion is possible, but at what cost? How much is enough?

Jupitera in Taurus is the embodiment of the Earth Empress energy, fertile, magnetic and prosperous, She invites us to grow our wealth. Yet, Urania remains close by in the sign of Cow Mother reminding that we must share our abundance, finding pleasure in simple things, instead of falling into patterns of needing more, more, more or hoarding in order to feel secure or worthy. Building self-sufficient communities, growing food and living close to the land is the best way to utilise this transit.

As we enter the Aquarian Age, our values are changing. People will now want to invest in things that serve there soul growth, rather than inflate the ego.

The Nodes of Destiny move from Taurus/Scorpio on to the Aries/Libra axis on the 18th of July. This year’s Eclipse portals will continue to activate all 4 signs. Alongside the current cosmic lessons of leaning into change, letting go of attachment to comfort, and destabilizing incomes we will also begin to see big shifts in the areas of relationships. Old karmic contracts come to an end, and new passions emerge as we transition from co-dependence to independence. We now need to find the balance between conflict and peace. The North Node remains in Aries until 2025.

The relationship transformations keep coming as Lady Venus stations retrograde on Mary Magdalene’s feast day, the 22nd of July at 28 degrees of Leo. Venus descending into the depths in the sign of the Lioness will invite us to not only re-evaluate our relationships with others, but with ourselves. As Venus claims the Golden throne in heart of the Underworld, All the places we don’t feel enough are illuminated so that we can reclaim our sovereignty. Can we learn to worship at the altar of our own divinity and see our own soul’s radiance? Can we let go of the need to seek approval and admiration from others? Can we see our own unique beauty? Do we feel safe to be seen, to explore and express our desires and creativity?

During Her 40-day journey, Venus/Inanna will collide with Black Moon Lilith, and make a series of squares to Urania and Jupitera in Taurus inviting us to expand our capacity to receive pleasure and become fully re-sourced. These alignments can also add to the atmosphere of financial unpredictability and reveal its impact on our relationships. This Venus retrograde reminds us of the power of detachment, teaching us that the external reality will always shift and change. Our connection to ourselves and our own power is the only constant in life. Venus Stations direct at 12 degrees Leo on the 4th of September.

As the Harvest season begins, Sol slides into Virgo on the 23rd of August, just as Mercuria begins Her 3rd Earth sign retrograde of the year at 21 degrees of the sign of the Priestess. The last days of Summer offer us a time of clearing, preparation and integration as we experince a series of oppositions and powerful Lunations on the Virgo/Pisces axis of healing and wholeness as we head towards the Autumnal Equinox. Mercuria stations direct at 8 degrees of Virgo on the 15th of September.

The final eclipse season of 2023 begins on the 14th of October with a New Moon Eclipse at 21 degrees of Libra and culminates with a Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Taurus on the 28th of October. With Mars now also in Her home sign of Scorpio for the first time since 2021, this is set to be a powerful Samhain portal which place a strong emphasis on letting go of the relationships, contracts and intimate attachments that no longer serve us. This will be the final eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis for 9 years. What has shifted in the areas of money, power and sexuality for you since May of 2021? What old, stuck programs have you liberated yourself from?

The Year comes to completion with a final Mercuria Retrograde which bridges the sign of Sagittarius the Star Archeress and Capricornia. Plutonia returns to Aquarius in January of 2024 where She will remain until 2044!

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