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~ Embodying the Aquarian Age ~

~ Urania, Mars and the North Node Conjunct in Taurus ~

Can you feel the rumblings of change within and around you as we approach one of the most significant astrology alignments of 2022?

On July 26th, Urania the Great Liberator, the Star Goddess Herself will collide with the North Node in Taurus for the first time since 1885! On 1st of August, Mars the Warrioress will join them, creating a triple conjunction that hasn’t happened since 324 BC during the astrological age of Taurus.

Taurus, the Great Earth Mother speaks to us of what is safe and stable. She is our physical, tangible resources, our bodies, the food we eat. The combination of Urania, Mars and the North Node is electrifying and evolutionary, forcing us beyond our comfort zones and into the unknown. The current global themes of political unrest, supply chain issues, economic fear and climate activity are likely to intensify.

This energy can bring shocks, revelations, break downs and breakthroughs. Things can change instantly, everything is unpredictable. There can be sudden loss followed almost instantly by unexpected opportunity. Kundalini awakening moments may over stimulate the nervous system, creating anxiety as we rapidly open to new ideas and perceptions that change us at a deep core level.

Collectively and personally, Urania in Taurus tells us it is time to liberate ourselves from our old attachments and addiction to security, knowing that the ways of creating abundance, of living and working in the 3D world are changing and we must become adaptable and learn how to thrive in the chaos, rather than fearing or resisting it.

We must be prepared for finances and energy levels to shift and change as we embody the new energetic currency. We must learn to stop hoarding and grasping, instead stepping into surrender and flow. Businesses that focus on serving the new earth will thrive, those feeding on greed and patriarchal ideals will continue to crumble. Nothing built on the principles of the old ways is sustainable as we move into the new Aeon.

A square to Lady Saturnia, currently sitting retrograde in Aquarius reminds us that we must act in alignment with our own soul’s integrity, as we become the masters of our own destiny. As we leave the Age of Pisces behind, we must let go of the need to be saved or rescued by someone or something outside of ourselves. We are responsible for our own lives. We take our power back from the system when we no longer depend on it.

Any activation of the North Node also triggers the lessons of the South Node, which is currently moving through the deep waters of the Scorpioness. The shadows of sexual/body shame, fear of feminine power and magic, issues with intimacy or vulnerability and an unavoidable pull towards facing our own mortality can be some of the themes of the tail of the Dragon in Scorpio.

It may feel like every fear that has been lurking in our subconscious for lifetimes can come up to be purified as we awaken our ability to transmute the pain of the past into spiritual gold. Through this Nodal axis we are learning that true fulfilment can never be found in the material realms or through another person. Only our connection with Goddess can truly satisfy the hunger of our soul.

Urania the Star Weaver is the ruler of Aquarius, She is the infinite quantum field, the galactic consciousness, Taurus is the Venusian physical vessel, and the manifest reality. This is a time of bridging the cosmic and earthly realms, of remembering ourselves as one with the universe. We are learning how to embody the Aquarian Age.

The disruption of our habitual ways of being are forcing us to step into the new paradigm of collaboration and co-operation, to come together in community, using our gifts and talents to support each other, as we return to living in alignment with the cycles of the stars and seasons.

Embodiment means living in alignment with our own values. As the veil thins, those of us who are on the leading edge, the visionaries, the activists, the initiators have a powerful opportunity to begin to recreate our realities from a space of true soul alignment.

Some themes we may reflect on ~

* How can I revolutionise my ways of working and receiving prosperity? What old systems within me need to be updated? How can use my newfound skills, insights and talents to bless others? What does living abundantly mean to me? Do I feel worthy of receiving? Where do I block my flow? What generational patterns around security and stability am I breaking through?

*What needs to be liberated within me before I can share my unique expression of self? Where am I clinging to old paradigms and identities for security? Who am I beyond my roles in the world? Who would I be and how would live if I was already financially free?

* Where do I need to simplify, strip back and practice gratitude for what I already have? What can I give? How can collaborate with others to share the wealth I have? Do the choices I am making align with the world I wish to live in? How can I become more self-sufficient?

This is a time of preparation, as we head into an Autumn of very intense and chaotic astrology with a Mars retrograde in Gemini on the Horizon. If you are feeling your soul nudging you towards making significant changes, listen.

Check which house of your chart this energy is activating for more insight! Planets falling between 15 to 21 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius will be most impacted.

With Blessings!

We will be diving into this energy deeply in our Leo Full Moon Circle on July 27th. Please join our Stellar Mystery School Facebook Group for more info and to receive an invite ~

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